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TECHEL TRIAL: Jury Hears Opening Statements

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Opening statements began Wednesday in the re-trial of Seth Techel. He is accused of murdering his pregnant wife Lisa in May of 2012.

A jury failed to reach a decision in his first trial in March. The re-trial is being heard in Mount Pleasant because of pre-trial publicity.

Techel’s attorney says when the facts are not in your favor, you play on emotion and he’s asking the jury not to let emotion creep into this case.

But the state says you can’t ignore the obvious.  That there are too many inconsistencies with his story about what happened the morning Lisa Caldwell Techel was shot to death.

“Seth Techel is the one who was behind the shotgun, who pulled the trigger, who caused the deer slug to slam into his wife and to kill her.  The facts and the evidence in this case will prove this,” Assistant Attorney General Scott Brown told the jury.

Prosecutors claim the 23-year old husband and soon to be father had the motive. He was having some kind of relationship with another woman and told her that he planned to leave his wife. What’s more, they say the murder weapon came from inside the home and Techel waited 18 minutes to call 911.

The 911 recording shows a frantic Seth Techel on the morning of May 26th 2012. “I need an ambulance at 8723 Foxhills Road. My wife's been shot and she's not breathing.”

The paramedic first on scene confirmed his apparent state of mind. “Very hysterical panicked in his voice, very loud voice,” agency paramedic, Brian Bennett testified.

Defense attorneys say there was no affair and questioned the lack of physical evidence. They added the 18-minute timeline is made up and there is evidence that points to another man other than Techel - a “seriously mentally ill neighbor” who was armed and dangerous.

That neighbor has since died.  But recorded interviews of him with authorities on several occasions were played during the first trial.  There is no doubt this jury will listen to it as well during the multiple weeks of testimony ahead.

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