ASSISTANCE CUT: Some SNAP Funding Expires

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As of Friday, millions of families won’t have the same help getting food on the table.

Stimulus money that boosted food stamp benefits for the past four years ran out Thursday night.

“I won’t be able to afford the formula and things I need for my children throughout the month you know basic meals,” says food stamp recipient Alyssa Hammond.

Hammond was already having a tough time making ends meet on minimum wage. Now the program has to cut on average, $36 a month for a family of four.

Food stamps help 47 million Americans. The program lost $5 billion overnight. The Farm Bill that funds food stamps expired.

Both Democrats and Republicans have proposed more cuts. Senate Democrats want $4.5 billion and House Republicans are pushing for almost $40 billion.

U.S. Agriculture Secretary, and former Iowa governor, Tom Vilsack says that would be a big hit.

“It will actually result in somewhere between three and four million Americans who would otherwise be qualified for the program now being disqualified from the program and probably not participating in the program,” says Vilsack.

The Republican plan would allow three months of benefits every three years unless the recipient works part-time, or is in job training.


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  • aightball

    What politicians, as usual, don’t get is that non-abusers of the system simply don’t make enough money to eat. I work two jobs; neither sees the $9/hr mark. And while I’m fortunate enough to have someone to help me with bills and food, others aren’t that lucky. Cutting funding to this program is a seriously bad idea.

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