FOOD STAMPS: SNAP Cuts Affecting Iowans

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Millions will have their food stamp benefits cut because five billion dollars in additional federal grants for the program have expired.

As the disabled mother of a growing teenage son, Charity Williams of Des Moines has more bills than she has money to pay them.

She relies on the $376 worth of food assistance she gets every month to feed her family.

Now, $11 of that will be taken away. And Williams isn’t alone. In Iowa, more than 420-thousand people are on the supplemental nutrition assistance program, or SNAP, formerly known as food stamps. That’s 13-percent of the state's population.

Williams says even a small cut affects her, "It's a constant struggle in your mind about, you know, whether you're gonna be on the street the next day to feed your family or pay rent or whatever."

State officials recommend families in need check with local churches or food pantries for help.


  • Joe

    I understand many need food assistance and I have no problem helping where needed, but my wife and I who are in our mid 30’s on average spend $200 a month on food plus an additional $100 for formula for our 14 week old. To receive $376 a month in food assistance seems excessive for only two people to eat for a month. My wife and I eat very well for $200 a month and don’t see why it takes almost $400 to feed two people and to complain about an $11 cut. They’re still receiving $365 a month for food, $65 more dollars than I spend and there are 3 mouths in my house to feed. If the average SNAP program household is receiving almost $400 a month for two people, then a little more can be trimmed from the program.

  • John Doe

    Well if the government didn’t use tax dollars to pay for health costs of ILLEGAL aliens then we would have more money for LEGAL US citizens. And of course the illegal aliens are getting their budget cut by $36 also, maybe they shouldn’t of broke the law entering this country illegally.

    • concerned Iowan

      You do have an argument, but maybe you should of worded it differently. If we didn’t provide SNAP benefits to illegals (yes it happens) then there would be more for the legal citizens. All though you are correct that healthcare and SNAP essentially come from the same place this isn’t about healthcare so please stay on topic so you don’t sound like someone just ranting. Illegals getting benefits for breaking the law is defiantly something that needs to be addressed, but rants like that don’t help that message in anyway. I’m sorry to critique your reply, but rants don’t help they only will appeal to the people that follow your beliefs already and that doesn’t help bring about change. Just keeps us all divided and will actually do the opposite. Other things to address would be widening gap of rich and poor, Companies using programs like this to keep wages low. Responsibility of people and corporations (because they are evidently people too) to create an America that doesn’t need to rely on government programs to feed our people (many on SNAP are working and just not making enough).

    • HUG8738


  • John

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, I don’t think missing 3 means a month is really going to hurt that woman or her son.

  • jerry wilson

    maybe learn to not spend more than you make or even stop using your food benefits at the local QT…You should thank the person who don’t use or need the help because we pay your way

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