TECHEL RE-TRIAL: Friend Testifies As Week One Ends

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The jury in the murder trial of Seth Techel got a look inside the home where Lisa and Seth lived, Friday.

They saw pictures of the crime scene, of the bedroom where Lisa was shot to death last May.

They also got a first look at the murder weapon.  Authorities found the 12 gauge shotgun outside the Techel home.  It was somewhat hidden from plain sight in a grassy area.

On the stand this morning, one of Techel's closest friends said he knew about the other woman in his life.

Childhood friend, Colton Millard, testified that Techel was worried his wife and mother would find out what was going on with the woman he met at work.  A week before the murder, Millard says Techel asked him to lie about his whereabouts. And he did.

“I called and asked him where he was at and he said he was doing something but I knew he was, it just wasn't right so I called him out on it and then he admitted that he was with Rachel,” Millard said.

So far, the state has called ten witnesses.  Defense attorneys will continue their thorough look at the evidence collected at the scene when the trial resumes Monday morning.

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