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MURDER TRIAL: Video Shows Techel’s Denials

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The state made it to its last witness during the re-trial of Seth Techel, Wednesday.

The 23-year-old Wapello County man is on trial for the May 2012 murder of his pregnant wife, Lisa.

But before prosecutors rest their case against Techel, they played the rest of his recorded interview just hours after the shooting.

While he admits that it “doesn’t look good” for him, Techel repeatedly denies that he shot his wife.

However, he eventually comes clean about his relationship with a co-worker. Techel told authorities that he gave that other woman the impression that he was going to leave his wife.  The state claims that isn’t his only lie.

Techel:  I did not kill my wife.
DCI: People are telling a different story.  You need to tell your side of the story.
Techel:  I’ve told you my story.  I've told you time... I've told you how many stories today? Five times today.

Prosecutors claim Techel's account of what happened that morning is just that - a story.  They say he shot and killed his wife while she slept, not an armed intruder like he claimed.

Investigators found no evidence of an armed intruder in the couple's home and no fingerprints that were out of place. But the defense says they also didn't find any prints on the shotgun or the shotgun shells.

While Techel gets upset in the interview with investigators, in court, he shows no visible emotion or reaction to the testimony.  When the jury is not in the courtroom, he appears much more relaxed when he is seen standing and talking with his parents.

Techel's defense will call its first witness Thursday.  Like the prosecution, testimony is expected to last five days.


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