DASH CAM: Video Of Ames Officer Involved Shooting

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The Ames Police Department and Iowa State University Police have released dash cam video from the first two police cars involved in a chase Monday that ended on ISU’s campus with an officer-involved shooting.

The first part of the video is from the car of Officer Adam McPherson, who shot Tyler Comstock following a chase where Comstock repeatedly rammed the truck he was driving into squad cars. Comstock died from his injuries.

The second part of the video is from an ISU Police car also involved in the chase.


  • Cody Sweeny

    People have to understand that when cops shoot people they shoot to kill. It is sad that he had to be killed, but who know what could of happened if he was allowed to keep going.

    • Ashley

      I want to know WHAT kind if drugs you are on to think this is alright? How many cops do you have in your family. Disgusting that anyone would say what you just said. God help your sadistic soul.

      • Cody Sweeny

        I never said that this was alright, I’m saying it’s justified. If he ran over one of your family member while running from cops wouldn’t you wish the cop had taken the shot?

      • Cody Sweeny

        Not sure if my comment worked, but if this guy ran over one of your family members wouldn’t you have wished the cop took the shot? They killed him to stop the shed of innocent life.

    • davep326

      Cody- Cops do NOT “shoot to kill”. They shoot to stop the aggressive action of a dangerous (usually armed) criminal. They ARE trained to shoot at “center mass”, which sometimes results in death, but killing is not the purpose; stopping the action is the purpose.

  • isu student

    upon seeing the release of this video I change my stance. Nice work officer Mcpherson. My mistake. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions before reviewing all the facts.

    • Shagohod

      Shooting out tires is a Hollywood stunt. That stupid spoiled brat stole a truck because daddy wouldn’t buy him cigs, and then he drove off on a hopeless chase that anyone with a lick of common sense wouldn’t have attempted in the first place. He drove recklessly, putting dozens of lives in danger, and continually rammed the police cruisers. He had no intention of stopping, no care for anyone but himself, and needed to be put down. He wouldn’t be dead if he pulled over when the cop turned his lights on. I’m glad he was removed from the gene pool before he could propagate his DNA and make more idiots just as stupid as him.

      • Ashley

        Alright. So go find this guys father, and tell him what you just posted here, face to face. Quit hiding behind the cover of a key board.

    • Chris

      I’m just saw this in another thread but here’s what someone said who sounds like he knows what he’s talking about:
      “Shooting tires is a movie stunt. The way today’s radial belts are wrapped, a bullet is almost certain to deflect without penetrating the tire and turn into a dangerous stray shot.”

    • Ashley

      Or shoot the frikkin back of the truck or something to freak him out and make him stop. Sure he had a car, but as for a gun he was UNARMED. Give the guy a freakin chance before ending a life.

      After looking at the video, I can’t change my stance because the way the cops acted was hasty and evil. They should have backed off.

      • davep326

        Ashley- The police do not fire warning shots. Every bullet fired goes someplace. The cops is responsible for every bullet he fires. In a high speed chase, you do not ffire from a moving car AT a moving car. That’s strictly Hollywood. The police are not supposed to draw their gun unless the use of deadly force is authorized by law. The guy used a truck which he stole (a felony= prison) and rammed it into a police car (which is vehicular assault = a felony = prison). When the truck was stopped the cops arder the guy out of the truck. If he reached under the seat or into the glove box they would shoot him because that’s where guns are usually kept. When the cops say they felt threatened, that’s what they mean. This is why when the cops stop someone that person should do EXACTLY what the cops tell him to do. No more – no less. It’s not a game out in the street. Not everyone a cop encounters is a nice person, and he can’t tell the difference right away. Once they cannot see the person’s hands red flags pop up and it’s survival mode. There is also a thing called “suicide by cop”. Nobody knows what was going on in the guy’s head. If not getting cigarettes started all that, he wasn’t wrapped too tight. Look what he did; that wasn’t a kid having a hissy fit. That was a full blown psycho. He dad said he wasn’t armed but who could know if he found a gun in the truck. It happens. He caused his own death (that’s the suicide by cop).

  • Jay

    They could of used stop sticks, shot out the tires…pretty soon you’ll get murdered during a traffic stop…”I observed the criminal reaching for their glovebox and the registration looked like a AR15…so I emptied my clip into their head…” Cops are just trigger happy bullies with guns.

    • Ashley

      I know theyre are trigger happy, I’ve had relationships with 2 cops and a lot of their family were also cops. And Ill put it this way, their view on life is completely skewed and evil. They are the worst kind of people I know.

      • crabman2010

        Ashley, My uncle is a retire police officer, and he has responded to multiple calls ranging from domestic violence, brutality, stuff that are seriously “What The ****” situations, and he even responded to a call about a the corpse of a suspected UofI professor who went into a local park with a high powered rifle. a guy found the corpse among tall grass a few feet from a trail. He said, in order to deal with situations like previously stated, officers develop coping mechanisms which could include different sense of humor is the general case because it’s hard to even try to understand why situations like these happen; it’s not because they are “evil”. Sure, some cops are trigger happy, as previously stated, when a cop pulls their firearm out, it’s because they feel the situation has escalated to the point of protection not only for themselves, but for everyone that is in the immediate area of potential harm. Also, just because you know 2 cops does not make every single cop a “bad” person,

    • Balanced Perspective

      The entire incident took only 4 minutes. There was no time for stop sticks or any other action. They were in pursuit the entire time, backing off when he entered the campus. They kept their lights/sirens going to warn ISU students/faculty that “something” was happening hoping it would make people alert so they didn’t get hit or hurt.

      It wasn’t until Comstock took the truck to central campus, and backed into a small wooded area that the TWO cop cars were able to get him pushed into a tree. Even then, he was rocking/rolling the truck to get away, and on the video you can see the debris from the wooden lawn ornaments flying…that’s when the cop shot him…because he wasn’t going to quit using force.

      And the truck while rocking/rolling hit the cop car again.

  • Tom

    No! They couldn’t have! He had already proven that he was willing to kill, in order to get away, by ramming the squad car, more than once, and driving through town like a maniac. Flat tires doesn’t stop a vehicle from being used as a weapon. The officers were in fear for the lives, not only theirs, but of every person in the area. How many lives did that “young man” put in danger to avoid a simple traffic violation?

      • Robert Novak

        to all of you left leaning liberals out there… get some common sense. you are supposed to submit to authority. When the police lights come on, you pull over. That so called kid made his bed and now he gets to lie in it for the rest of his non existant life. When you do stupid things, you get stupid rewards….

  • Tom

    To Jay…No longer than the chase was, how do you suppose that stop sticks could have been deployed? How are they going to shoot out tires going as fast as they were without endangering everyone in the area? Cops are just people trying to do their job to the best of their ability. Let me ask you this…why didn’t the driver just stop???

  • Bothered

    This is ridiculous – his truck hit a tree and 3 seconds later, they shot at him. Did anyone even tell him to get out of the vehicle and how do they know after impact that he wasn’t unconscious or dazed? I realize cops have to protect people and themselves, but if they’d backed off like dispatch told them to, they could have gone and got him later and lessened the risk of students being run over, plus a 19 year old kid would still be alive. That cop should have to attend the kids funeral and pay for it!

      • isu student

        Ashley, you are obviously a young girl with no education or experience in this area. Stop commenting and rejoin the rest of the sheep herd, go graze or something.

    • davep326

      I looked at those dashcam videos and I saw nothing but the chase. Whatever happened, happened off camera. They guy may have been armed. Your comments are extremely unfair. People don’t run from the police like that guy did because of a traffic violation, and the police don’t shoot people for traffic violations. It was more than that. Maybe it was drug related, or maybe the truck was stolen – who knows? Using your logic , if they had waited, who knows what other damage the guy might have done, AND, the same thing would’ve happened “later” when the cops went to his house, if he was even there, (Would you be if you knew the cops were after you?) Suppose YOU were a victim. Wouldn’t you want the police to chase and catch the criminal? Or would you want them to wait and get him “later”. I think we both know the answer.

    • Balanced Perspective

      Actually yes they did, and he wasn’t stopped he was trying to get his truck unstuck. The cop was at the back of the truck Bothered? How would he have hit him in the head and chest if Comstock wasn’t turned around in the truck looking BACKWARDS to back out of the situation! You need to watch the video again, and note where the cars are when everything stops!

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