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VETERAN REUNION: Service Dog Found

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A group of Iowa Veterans is stepping up to help a brother in need, 600 miles away.

Adam Morton suffers from PTSD , and a few weeks ago he lost the service dog he counts on every day. Thanks to the kindness of strangers the two will soon be reunited.

Morton and his dog Quincy are inseparable. Morton has served two tour to Iraq and suffers from PTSD.

Quincy, trained as a service dog, helps keep him calm.

“He sleeps up in the bed with me and he'll wake me up when I’m having a nightmare he's just my buddy,” said Morton via Skype.

During a move to Michigan, to be closer to family, Quincy ran away and Morton had to leave without him.

“It was one of the worse feelings I’ve ever had, I honestly didn’t think I would be able to see him again,” says Morton.

Through sheer luck, a Clive Animal Control Officer picked up Quincy and brought him to AHeinz 57 Pet Rescue and Transport in De Soto.

Owner, Amy Heinz realized Quincy was chipped and left a message telling Morton the good news.

“He called me right away and was all excited,” says Heinz.

Heinz says she found out Quincy was a service dog and was heartbroken the two were separated.

“Quincy is trained to wake Adam up when he has nightmares, when Adam sits on the couch Quincy is trained to get on the couch and put his head on his lap. He`s there not only for companionship but as a protector,” says Heinz.

Then came the question how to get Quincy from Iowa to Michigan.

That's where the Iowa Patriot Guard Riders came to the rescue.

“This was something that we said, let’s do this, we just need to do it,” says Patriot Guard Rider Jim Clark.

Clark heard Morton’s story and volunteered to make the 600 plus mile trek to reunite the pair.

“This stuff actually touches your heart. We`re just happy and honored to be able to take Quincy back home,” says Clark.

“It's an awesome feeling, I guess that's what veterans do for each other,” says Morton.

In a few days Quincy will be headed up north and will once again be reunited with his best friend.

“I`m really happy for both of them, we love happy endings and that`s what we`re here for,” says Heinz.

The day after Veterans Day, two patriot guard riders will be delivering Quincy to Morton.

Morton says the first thing he will do is take Quincy for a long walk.