AFFORDABLE HOUSING: New Renters Site Imminent

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A new housing website will soon be launched in Iowa to help those looking to rent.
Currently in Iowa, there are 330,000 places available to rent but not one single place to post those listings.

“When I started my search looking for apartments, I was scared to death trying to find something that would fit everything that I needed,” says Michele Meadors of Des Moines.

Meadors was paralyzed after an auto accident and ran into several hurdles while trying to find a place that met her needs.

“I actually went through 16 different apartments before I found the apartment downtown,” says Meadors.

After her struggle, Meadors got involved in helping launch

The website allows landlords and property management companies to post all available rentals throughout the state.

A one-stop shop when looking for a place to live.

“This advances affordable housing here in Iowa by putting access easy access for all Iowans and makes it a competitive market so they can find the best price in the area they`re looking,” says Executive Director of the Iowa Finance Authority David Jamison.

Jamison says similar sites are already up in 35 other states.

The site allows future renters to look for a place to live based on location, neighborhood and price.

A renter can also list if they have specific needs based on their disability, a feature Meadors would have appreciated during her search.

“Having something like this locator would have saved me a lot of time and a lot of stress and made my search so much easier,” says Meadors.

The site is paid for through the Iowa Finance Authority.

Landlords can already start posting open listings they have on

The site will be open for the pubic in January.

On top of long-term rentals people who have been displaced due to flooding or a fire can also log on and find a temporary place to rent at an affordable rate.