APARTMENT FIRE: Cigarette To Blame

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An apartment fire in Grimes, this morning forced tenants of the Sunrise Crest Apartment out into the cold.

Apartment resident, Amanda Keeling, can't believe this is happening again.

“Once was bad enough, never would have thought it would happen again to us.”

Years ago her house burned down. Today, it's deja vu. She's back talking to fire investigators.

“It goes to show, smoking at the house is not good,” says Keeling.

Fire officials say around 11:15 an upstairs ternate was smoking on her deck. The fire started after a cigarette became wedged between the deck and siding. Johnston and grimes fire chief, Jim Krohse says wind likely played a factor.

“It could have very well have caused the cigarette to ultimately result in this much damage. Normally a cigarette would just burn out but the wind fanned the flames a little bit.”

As swiftly as the wind blew, the fire destroyed priceless memories. Amanda says it’s devastating, “Pretty much everything in the living room which has our family photos, the surviving items from our last house fire.”

Everyone was safely evacuated and there were no injuries. Only two units were severely damaged. Families living in those units will be assisted by the American Red Cross.