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BBQ CHAMPS: Smokey D’s America’s Winningest

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Des Moines is home to the winningest competitive barbecue duo in America.

Darren Warth and Shad Kirton of Smokey D’s Barbecue have won some of America’s most prestigious competitions, this year.

“We`ve won grand champion at The American Royal BBQ, we took runner-up at the Sam`s Club National Championship, Shad won reserve grand champion at the Jack Daniels World Championship, and we won the Kingsford Invitational in New York City,” Darren Warth listed.

The Kingsford win last weekend netted them $50,000. It was their ninth big win of the year.

Warth and Kirton run Smokey D’s during the week, and then compete in the contests on weekends.  The trophies are beginning to pile up in the hall, but they’re worth making room for.

“The trophies and the awards, though, those carry for a long, long time, and it really has helped the restaurant get that exposure,” Shad Kirton said.

Warth and Kirton plan to compete through the winter months.  They’ve each netted over $100,000 in prize money already this year.

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