RENT MONEY: Iowans Replace Stolen Funds

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A sad story turned into an uplifting one, thanks to the kindness of strangers.

The day after Channel 13 aired the story of a handicapped woman who was robbed by two thugs, Iowans stepped up to help.

Tuesday, we introduced you to Sharon Barnhill. On Monday, while she was going to pay some bills, her wheelchair hit a corner and fell over toppling her to the ground. Two guys ran over. But instead of helping her, they took her purse along with her $500 in rent money.

After our story aired, we received a lot of calls and emails from people who wanted to help Barnhill. People like the folks at Vital Signs in Des Moines. They passed the hat, and collected $500 to replace what was stolen.

"For every one of these guys that did this to her, I can assure you there are hundreds or thousands of people in Iowa that wouldn't," Vital Signs' John Dickerson said as he handed over the contribution.

Des Moines police are still looking for the thieves. They’re asking anyone who may have seen the robbery to give them a call.