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CLOSING ARGUMENTS: Jury Considers Techel’s Fate

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The closing arguments in Seth Techel's first degree murder trial took most of the day, Wednesday.

Techel is charged with shooting his wife in their home last year.

This is the 23-year-old's second trial after the first ended in a mistrial with a jury that couldn't make a decision.

Prosecutors say Techel’s claim of an intruder is implausible.

“No one who is a killer arrives at the murder scene without his weapon,” assistant Iowa Attorney General Andy Prosser said.

“’I think I’ll go kill someone over there, Lisa, the defendant, but I hope to find a murder weapon once I get there.’”

In closings, the state says the inconsistencies in Techel’s story and his lies to authorities can't be ignored.  Techel is accused of wanting to leave his wife for a co-worker, but not wanting to divorce her or pay child support.

Techel's defense says the jury can't overlook the neighbor, Brian Tate, an agitated and mentally ill neighbor.  They argue there is no physical evidence that Techel is the shooter - no finger prints on the murder weapon, no blood found on him.

The prosecution added that the state is playing on the jury's emotion.

Eight men and eight women listened to testimony from about 40 witnesses over the course of the nine days of testimony.

After dismissing the four alternates, the jury of 12 will determine the truth of who killed Lisa Caldwell Techel.