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TECHEL TRIAL: No Verdict Yet From Jury

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After deliberations Thursday, a jury has yet to reach an agreement on the guilt or innocence of Seth Techel.  The jury finished early Thursday because of a scheduling conflict with one of the jurors but will resume deliberating Friday.

With the exception of a juror being escorted outside for a smoke break, there was no sign of or word from the jury throughout the day.

We can only assume that the six men and six women are trying to decide who killed Lisa Caldwell Techel.  They must determine if the 23-year-old defendant is a murderer or if an intruder did it.  The state says Techel had the motive, means and opportunity to shoot his pregnant wife.  He was "carrying on" with a co-worker, had access to the murder weapon and kept changing his story about what happened.

The defense claims there was another shooter - a mentally ill neighbor.  Techel's attorneys argue authorities made mistakes in the investigation.

The Techel family spent the day waiting inside the courtroom.  For the most part, the Caldwell family waited for a verdict in a separate room.  During deliberations, the defendant was held across the street at the Henry County jail.


  • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

    I certainly hope jurors in Iowa will NOT be like the sPineless 12 who let Casey Anthony walk free on reasonable doubt. This trying to blame a man with whom they had issues with is ridiculous. I am sick to death of slime ball lawyers who will stoop so low as to blame others when there isn’t a single bit of evidence to connect the person to the victim, and try to make the killer look like the victim.
    This man needs to confess and take his punishment, which I would hope would be double since he infact did kill two people.

  • Josh Bethune

    I hope that slimeball Techel is convicted. He is the only one who was in that house. He is the only one who could have done the murder. The evidence is right in front of them. His lawyer should hang his head in shame to for even sticking up for a piece of trash like Seth Techel. All because that sleezeball was wanting to have an affair and he did not want to pay child support. What a low life.

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