MAKING STRIDES: Polk City Bicyclist Recovering

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While one metro man remains in critical condition after a bike accident Friday, another recalls a similar accident that nearly cost him his own life.

In late September, Thomas Lueck was riding his bike home from a moonlight ride in Slater.

He was hit from behind by a driver who didn't stop and to this day hasn't been found.

Nearly two months later, Lueck is home recovering from his injuries in hopes of getting back on the bike.

His right foot remains in a boot and he depends on a walker to get him from point “A” to point “B”.

"I was pretty active last summer. I’m always pretty active,” said Lueck.

This bike enthusiast has come a long way.

"He had collapsed right lung and all 7 ribs on the right side were broken,” said Angela Lueck, Thomas’s wife.

Lueck, a husband and father of two boys was hit while riding along Northwest 44th Street in Polk City.

Orange paint that remains on the road marks the fifty yards he was thrown after impact.

"There was a lot of blood on the highway. He landed right in the middle of the lane,” said Angela Lueck.

Lueck took every safety precaution.

His bike had lights on the front and back and his helmet even had a light.

It remains a mystery how a driver couldn't spot him.

"They had to be pre-occupied to not see me. I'm pretty visible with all my lights on,” said Lueck.

Make no mistake, the Lueck's want to know who is responsible for the accident and why they didn't stop to help.

Thomas is keeping that on the back burner, instead focusing on his recovery.

"Every time I have appointments, I'm either where they want me to be or ahead of where they want me to be,” said Lueck.

Nearly every day since the accident has involved some sort of physical, speech, or occupational therapy.

Thomas hopes to ditch the walker next week in favor of crutches.

Further down the road, a brand new Trek bike serves as inspiration for him to continue working towards returning to the trails.

"I can’t wait until the spring when I can take it out and take it for a spin,” said Lueck.

It's a goal that seemed lofty in September, that Lueck knows is within his grasp.

"It makes me see things differently now,” said Lueck.

The Iowa State Patrol says they have followed up on four leads in the case.

No arrests have been made, according to police.

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    A little bicycle light does not show up in time for a driver in a vehicle going down a highway. Bicycles should not be on the roads and definitely not at night.

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