13RAW VIDEO: Melcher-Dallas Bullying Interviews

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

After reviewing some of the comments about the bullying story in Melcher-Dallas involving a teen with autism, there appears to be some concern among some viewers that comments were taken out of context.

To show that is not the case, we have decided to post the entire interviews with Levi Weatherly, Bob Lepley, and his wife Angie. Principal Josh Ehn’s interview can be viewed here.

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  • Mrsmarkfb

    Well, this is what happens when you want the media to get involved. It draws public attention, and you can’t pick and choose which opinions are voiced.
    Moving on…Angie may not be the elected official per se, but it seems when the public voted for Mr. Angie…they were (probably unbeknownst to them) voting for her. How is she going to sit there and roll HIS window up? I have so much to say about her behavior just in speaking for her husband who was sitting right there and was perfectly able to speak for himself. I think she made a fool of both herself and her husband.
    Wow! Just….WOW!

  • AL

    I don’t blame you, I might see it that way too if this is what I saw. This is the entire video but not the interview. Bob had told them he could not speak with them about this. They push and push and push. Until you say something. I do not think anyone is lying in this situation. I hope folks hear me say that. We could have driven away when the window was rolled up but they were still saying things we felt were questionable. We would have pulled away during the interview but worried they would leave their equipment in the window and we would be responsible for damaging it. I got emotional and worked up. We had three kids in the car. I am passionate about our community and our school. Those things combined can get to a person. I do not speak for my husband. He is a fine guy and can speak for himself. These guys agreed not to speak to Bob, I agreed to speak with them. Then it turned the way it did and we got worked up. I can be an outspoken person. I will not apologize for being passionate about our community and school, but if the way this rolled if I offended anyone it was not my intent. It was for him to not sensationalize this which antagonizes it, which does no one any good. Peace to everyone

    • BK

      Bob may be a great guy, but he clearly has the wrong job. This is so much bigger than one little community in Iowa. Bob has a chance to do the right thing and serve as a check and balance to the principals investigation and become educated himself about the complex challenges of children in the Autistic Spectrum. Bob’s emotional intelligence was very clear in this interview clip. Angie needs to stand down. Bob needs to stand UP!

  • Rhonda

    Might I also say how typical it is that someone that does not have a special needs child and does not understand the disability say that you cant blame the disability…I am not sure that anyone is blaming the disability…This boy is a target because of the disability…yes he needs to learn what is appropriate and whats not appropriate…but other people also need to learn that they should not get their pleasure from someone else’s pain…As a mother of a special needs child myself in almost a very similar situation..Some of the behaviors this child and my son display when they are being bullied are the things that people talk about what they focus on…its how the special needs child deals with it…therapy helps my son control his anger with bullies…but sometimes the bulling goes way too far…my son can only deal with so much, I am sure this boy is the same way…I might also state that…”Bulling is learned…if you look at the bullies parents you will see they are usually exactly the same way as the child bully.

    • Deb

      I just can’t believe that we still have people in society that are willing to blame the victim. Much education still needs to be done Regarding mental health issues and neurological disorders. My heart breaks for this child and his family.

  • fg

    Look, what it all comes down to is that this kids mother probably is looking for a payday, so call the media. Also, she filed a complaint with the school district, they investigated, they took action according to district policy……case closed. They can’t tell you who was involved, nor can they tell you what action was taken, the law says so. So no one here, or anywhere, with exception of the accused, and their parents, and the principle knows what discipline was given. So it is highly speculative to suggest that the Melcher-Dallas school district is doing nothing.

    • Aaron Brilbeck

      Just for clarification, we had heard about the allegations of bullying and contacted the mother. She did not contact us.

      Aaron Brilbeck
      Channel 13 News

      • Alexandra

        Aaron, thank you for exposing this. I have a son who is autistic and had multiple exclusions because of aggressive behaviour. We were at our wits end trying to get help and find out why he was acting this way. After three years and very well documented issues such as him not understanding pragmatics and communication we found out he is autistic. However, because he speaks well it was hard to find out what was wrong. After a few minutes of conversation you find you are not having a give and take conversation with my son and it took people who were experienced in autism to see it. He also uses language in unusual ways. For the ignorant people on here who do not get it autism is not some label that is slapped on kids lightly, you need to be educated. They have certain traits that only someone with experience will pick up such as constant nervous coughs, ticks, sensitivity to certain noises and behaviour that does not fit in with the norm. These kids do not understand social cues, cannot read body language and misunderstand situations. And they will say inappropriate things. A lot of times there are other issues such as epilepsy, dyspraxia, dyslexia and they have trouble with coordination. It is a life-long and debilitating illness. My son is not bullied because he will lash out and he is large for his age. And he is unusually sociable, but does not know how to socialize. I feel for this family whose son is experiencing this. And the ignorant parents who are supporting this behaviour. This is a disabled child and they are condoning bullying towards someone who is disabled. Instead, they need to teach their kids that when this boy says and does something that is not acceptable, that they need to just say something to the teacher and not bully him. It is then up to the teacher to sort out the rules in the classroom. That is how it is done in my son’s school. All the kids know what is and what is not acceptable. Kudos for exposing what is happening to this poor kid.

      • Proud Alumnus of the Melcher-Dallas School System

        Aaron: I hope you can see what a difference you can make in this child’s life. Report all of the facts. Be part of the solution. I am not familiar with your reporting, but I am betting you have it in you! Look at the questions that people are asking and consider making that your next story. Help the school and the community assist this child. Investigate the good that could come out of this unfortunate event…Lemonade comes from lemons.

      • Megan Turner

        Thank you so much Aaron for taking your time to clarify this as there are many people outraged that “a parent should not take it to the news”. This shows that Dawn did not take it to the news just what a lot of people needed to see! Again, thanks for your reporting and keep up the great work!

      • mainstreammediasucks

        Too bad he edited out so much on his broadcast of it. he just reported what people thrive to hear, then just put bits and pieces in his story. Sad that the mainstream media is like this. I also agree with Jack, wondering why all you people are hiding behind who you really are.. There were only a few that I know of putting their real name. Those people were drug in the mud and people don’t even know exactly how those people really feel about the situation, becaue of Aarons story. Sad that Melcher Dallas was so scrutinized and the whole story wasn’t even said. Hang in there MD folks. I’m sure you are fine people that got caught up in an bad reporter coming to town..

  • Rocco

    90% of diagnosed autism is flat out medical scam perpetrated by overzealous schools and idiot parents who don’t know any better and fall for the scam.

    • Cynthia

      This has got to be the MOST ignorant thing that I have ever read, Rocco. I have no doubt that you are from this backwater town! Seems like you would fit right in, buddy!

    • Michael Robinson

      Mr. Rocco,

      What objective and empirical evidence do you have to show that autism of any form is a medical scam by schools? First and foremost the schools do not develop the diagnosis regarding regarding autism. Medical professionals make the diagnosis. Increasing the number of special needs children that fall under IDEA does not put additional federal funds into the coffers of the local school district. Monies for special needs children come from the federal and state departments of education and are directed to the specific Independent Education Plan for special needs children that meet the criteria of the IDEA act. This money is not being used to purchase gold plated toilet seats. In fact it is a violation of federal law for any district to divert special education funds into the general or capital accounts of a district. People who have Augsbergers Syndrome can frequently have a high IQ, but that does not mean they are manipulating people by design. I would say until a person walks a mile in an exceptional person’s shoes, then the wise thing to do is to learn more about the condition an exceptional person may have which presents significant adversity for such individuals. By the way special needs individuals include a broad range of people ranging from those that have conditions such as Augsburgers to gifted people who are brilliant in specific areas of the human condition.

    • PJM361

      90% of people who post things like you are idiots, the other 10% are fools who believe anything they read on the internet and repost or “share” it without fact checking it first.

  • AL

    I do have a special needs child. She is 27, she has AT She is my Goddaughter. I have dealt with with what she and her mom go through on a daily basis. Her mom is my best friend for over 30 years. I was her daily caregiver for a time and she is just as much a member of our family as the rest of our kids. I do understand.

  • HLM

    Wow. So much emotion here, escalated by semantics. People want to put things in a neat little box with a label and name one party as right or wrong. One kid has special needs and doesn’t always act appropriately. Another kid did something to that kid that wasn’t nice. That’s the bottom line. Just because the school didn’t call it bullying doesn’t mean the school condoned the behavior. And just because it wasn’t labeled as bullying doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt the kid’s feelings. And just because the kid’s feelings were hurt doesn’t mean he hasn’t hurt other kids by his choices too. We all want our kids to feel safe. We all want our kids to feel accepted. I don’t believe the parents – any of them – did anything wrong. And I don’t think the administration did anything insensitive just because they determined that this particular display of bad behavior didn’t fall into the label of “bullying”. What difference does it make anyway? Bad behavior was addressed. Period. All the kids involved need to learn how to treat one another. I think we complicate things way too much. Let’s just try our best to help our children become the best they can be. Without labels.

    • BK

      HLM, this isn’t a stance on labels of disabilities or bullies, it’s about human compassion and intelligence regarding a particular disorder that happens to be extremely complex. People see the behaviors of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, but they often fail to understand the challenges these children and adults have in controlling, rationalizing and processing their behaviors. Let’s make this about a school community who’s staff has been allowed to stand by (as shown in video) while clear inappropriate behavior is taking place by students. This tells me a couple things: 1) the principal and his staff desperately need to be educated in ASD – there are too many children with this to ignore it; 2) the non-responsive teacher(s) have most likely seen bad behavior from the child with ASD and has made the judgment that he/she has it coming to them, and allowed the completely inappropriate behavior to occur (hitting on the head, public ridicule, etc). This makes me sick!

  • C

    I totally agree with Mrsmarkfb also! And, I think Aaron Brilbeck is my new favorite reporter. I have been a KCCI watcher for years, but because of him I’m heading over to 13 for my news!! Keep up the good work!!

  • Jack Turner

    I can’t believe the ignorance of most of the comments I see on this subject. I have had ongoing issues with this school system for the last several years and have had very little luck in getting things taken care of. You get to a point where you have no other choice in involving others up to and including the media. I just hope as a parent things start to get better before they get any worse.

    • Corey

      LOL its on Gawker too….and its not these websites making you look bad…its some people in your community … mainly that boy that “cocked Levi in the face’s” aunt….She sounds like a real piece of work….

      • proud md resident

        as far as Jamie harrisons comment, you should read the whole comment. that kid called her nephew a p***y and tried to run him over with his bike when clearly he and a friend was trying to talk to levi to tell him to stop calling other kids names. he was only standing up for him self. from what i have heard from reading the comments that levi hit her nephew on the bus about a month ago just for talking to a high schooler that he didnt like…and he only got 2 weeks kicked off the bus. plus at the same time he hit another kid right after he hit her nephew. why not teach kids to stand up for themselves. shouldnt
        back down from a bully just cuz he as a disability. he probaly thinks now that this is all going on and in the news that he can be a bully himself and get away with it and blame it on his disablility….and for the record the mom said he hasnt been to school all week cuz he is scared of being bullied….THATS BS, HE HAS BEEN TO SCHOOL EVERY DAY SINCE THIS S**T STARTED. do you really want to hear the trouble this kid has been in….he has been expelled from school 2x this year. kicked of the bus for fighting, on probation for breaking into the bus barn. he has been caught stealing stuff from peoples yards and breaking into abanded houses around him they have had the police called several times over the summer for out of control teen…..you cant tell me that you can blame that on his disabliltiy PLEASE this kid knows right from wrong…..

      • Alexandra

        Proud and resident – I am not condoning any of the behaviour you described. And I agree it is bang out of order. However, you do not fully understand autism. Levi being suspended a few times is not teaching him anything. Sounds like he needs more help in school using very strict boundaries. And hate to say it, unless it is a special needs school or a school where the staff and principal are trained, the chances are these are not being implemented.

        What you do not understand is that people who are autistic have a very different world view than we do. What we think is not acceptable they do not understand. My son is very intelligent, but he has no clue the things he says (I am going to kill you, I hate the dog, this person is ugly, shouting out horrible things to people) is not acceptable. And he is only 5 years old. Levi may know he is being bullied, but not understand that some of his behaviour is making others feel animosity towards him. Like others on the autism spectrum, he most likely is not making the connection that his actions are causing problems. If he is impulsive, then he will just act out especially if he feels overwhelmed.

        When you say he is just blaming things on his disability you are saying his disability has no effect on him. That is the essence of it. You need to see that his disability is the underlying cause of all this. He may have some understanding on some levels, but not on all. And if he is doing all these things as you say, then it seems he needs more help than what he is getting.

    • BK

      Unfortunately true – but it gives the educated and informed Iowan’s and opportunity to make a national impact to help children under the Autistic Spectrum (ASD). To that I say, “Thank You Channel 13!”

      • Cressie

        Oh PJM…Her name’s spelled Megan, I think you owe her an apology. My bad. My reply was intended for MYSTTRYST, who had ‘seen’ it. Sorry you wasted your time finding that link for me. You smug little such and such. How silly you are. G’day.

      • PJM361

        Oops, my bad Crusty, I mean Cressie. Still, you did go out of your way to make someone feel bad and for that I think you owe them an apology you grammar bully. :P
        And my sincerest apologies to Megan, so sorry i added the letter h to your lovely name.

    • jeffrey palmento

      You sound just like Megan, probably the same people.. I seen, I saw, twice. yep same person. why hide behind different names.

  • Michelle

    I don’t think it being Yahoo is bring Iowa in bad light! It’s this town behavior.is! My son has Asperger’s (ASD), ADHD.. has issues with odd! These Townfolks and school personal really need to look closely at what thirty are teaching their children in the schools! My son was bullied for 4 yrs by the same kids(yes we also lived in a smaller town) till my son was hurt by these kids..and the Police got in voled!! For years all I heard was oh boys will be boys.. No this is not the 40-50’s the Bulling had got to stop! And to do this to a child that can’t help him self..is not excitable!Get I’m touch with a professional advocate for Autism. And speak with an Atty. About the school Principle and school superintendent! Best of luck.

  • Andy Pinkele

    I do thank you for holding on to this story. I’m so sick of two faced little big men in authority saying we all must get along… but your family dose not count, your poor. My family went through horable bullying at Clarke Comm. my brother had Muscular Dystrophy and was contantly taunted told that he was going to get pushed down the stairs. The principal told him he was not special just cause he’s in a wheel chair and learn to deal with it. It was not because the mayor’s grandkids were the main bullies. And yes he did give lip back, your the victim of bullying, you know its wrong and you do speak up just like everyone has told you to do, SPEAK UP & TELL SOMEONE but when you do the people in authority tell you oh you it’s not that big a deal shhhhh.

  • Ms. JJM

    The Melcher-Dallas school/school board has had issues for years and there have been events here that should have had some school employees fired and school board members kicked to the curb. The issues here are endless and just seem to get swept under the carpet. The mentallity here appears to be what happens in Melcher-Dallas stays in M-D.
    Bullying is a serious subject matter whatever the reason. It appears that is what brings shooters into the schools!
    I dare say it will continue not only in Melcher-Dallas but everywhere when you have staff that ignore the problem and parents that don’t speak-up. Kudos to the mother of the Null boy! I’ve read that this boy is abused, poor, not taken care of and their animals are neglected. Has anyone reported this suspected abuse to DHS or the Animal Rescue League. Guess I’ve always been under assumption that school employees are mandatory reporters and should be reporting child abuse.
    I would like to say that not all the residents of Melcher-Dallas are hicks and think like a neanderthal. There are some very kind and generous
    people that live here.
    The last issue I would like to address is Mr. Weatherly who is the father of the child that did some of the bullying. Mr. Weatherly does think like a neanderthal and has no moral compass. Maybe his child is just a product of his enviornment. Mr. Weatherly are you the same Levi Weatherly that has had issues with harassment yourself? That TV camera and your opinion is not always your best friend!

  • Teresa

    I think there are so many things that have changed in schools today . We have kids that take there phones/ camera to school .So what happens in school doesn`t stay in school any more . Which is good and bad at the same time .
    The second thing is that we have a child that has a disability no matter how you view it . Our responsibility as citizens is to make sure our children are safe and are being taught regardless. We need to make sure we do that foe all our sakes . Remember they are all kids first we can teach them all kinds of things but I hope we teach them that we are all human beings .

  • Lssalli (@lbrooksforever)

    This parent of the boy who video taped this boy needs to have classes in empathy. To say he brings it on himself is wrong. If you have been picked on and tormented he may act out. It is the older kids that are the ones who are causing grief. I’d like to talk to the people supervising like in computer lab to let stuff happen and ignore or pretend not to see. They should have permanent marks on employee record 1 2 3 strikes your out.

  • Proud Alumnus of the Melcher-Dallas School System

    Love is patient…This is one of the many godly traits I learned growing up in Melcher-Dallas. I patiently read through in the last few days of a TV station describing our town, and I hope I was the first of thousands to think, THIS IS NOT MY MELCHER-DALLAS! My patience (or silence, if you care) stopped when someone called our community “Ungodly.” God (and, yes, football :) ) was first and foremost to families and our community. Love is kind…Several times, I was the recipient of financial gifts from the community when the need was there; never to find out who the giver was. What has been reported first, giving the public the avenue to unfairly draw conclusions and bash the other 99% of the people in this town, is not kind; may I say it is irresponsible, and is NOT MY MELCHER-DALLAS. Love never fails…Year after year when I return to my little hometown, I witness group after group organizing functions, events, fund-raising for the good of the community, the school district, and their respective churches; without fail. THIS IS MY MELCHER-DALLAS! Love does not rejoice in what is wrong, but rejoices in the truth. I urge you, WHO, to find the truth in your reporting without using the sensationalistic tactics that I have seen used during the reporting of this story. Report what would everyone should see, MY MELCHER-DALLAS. Step back and find the real heart of the community. I can tell you that it is definitely there! I feel it every time I visit, from the people who never forget me or to smile at me and remember me just like I was as a child .I feel it from the solid education that I received and that I use every day; and, from my family members who have happily entrenched themselves further into this community to experience the sports history, town spirit and Saint Pride. And, from the great people that I have met who have made Melcher-Dallas their home since I left–all of is where the love exists…and the heart of the story. I challenge you, WHO, to take up this story and report the real Melcher-Dallas, not just the surface. Find MY MELCHER-DALLAS. There are, in the end, three things that last: faith, happiness, and love, and the greatest of the three are love. I learned all of them there.; especially love. (Oh, and feel free to quote me; and I’m sure God will be okay with it, also).

  • Jacob Wheeler

    I am an Iowan and have ADHD and Autism in a very similar way as the Null boy.

    That being said, a community can and does have an effect on everything. The ladies at the church talking about the ladies not at church, gossip is the norm in these small towns.
    I can still say that there are good people in this town, why because I have faith that there are.

    My god forgives and helps without me having to donate to the church or be part of the social scene.

    So “proud member of the alum of M-D” with your solid education that I and the rest of the people who read this will see. Understand this;
    You don’t understand anything that WHO is doing, period.

    I feel as thou I could almost picture you, the guy or gal that had everything they needed, didn’t have to worry about the stresses of today’s kids and judgment that children pass on to their peers.

    You don’t have any idea what it’s like to deal with this disorder, you never will.

    I can only say I will prey that you will someday re-visit your post and see what you wrote as being wrong and against god.

    Would God want you to be the judge. Or will you be judged for judging.

    Every town has flaws. Everyone on this planet has a flaw.

    The town is just that a town. No spirit just a community that people live in. That right now seems to be having some issues.

    If things need to be pushed to the media so be it. This child deals with so much more than you could ever even imagine. So much more, I hope that this does some good (this being brought to the media)
    Because my post is just one persons reply to convey to this boy
    ” hey I know what you must be feeling right now but trust me when I say this. No matter what anyone says or does to you. You are a worthwhile person. And don’t ever forget that. ”

    I hope that you read this and find some comfort in knowing that you will get thru this and your never alone. We are everywhere.

    No such thing as perfect. Hopefully someday, but not until being perceived as “perfect” is dead and gone.

    Live everyday as thou it were your last. And be proud of yourself everyday for the small things you accomplish.

    Newton graduate.

  • Mark

    This reporter should be suspended. His behavior in this situation was highly inappropriated. He bullied them.
    Its clear to me Levi was bullied, and there should be some counseling and discipline. But, the bulk of the responsibilities relies on the administrators and teachers for not preparing the other students for this kind of behavior. This should never have happened

    • Roz

      Are you kidding me? The wife could barely contain herself. All the reporter did was give her enough rope so that she could hang herself. He didn’t want to interview her in the first place. She’s the one who couldn’t keep her piehole shut–then she complained that he was interviewing her.

      She came off as a blithering idiot, and her husband appeared impotent.

  • PJM361

    As a father of a 13 year old son with Autism I was offended by Levi’s original edited comments blaming 3/4 of it on the victim but, after seeing the whole interview he seems a lot more sensible. The fact that he told his son to delete the video right away and told him it wasn’t nice. Also, the violent threats the boy supposedly said might be a reason he isn’t as sympathetic & understanding to the boy as one would hope. The reporter should not have edited that way. Every kid on the spectrum is different and what they can and can’t control and their understanding of right and wrong is unique. The only way the other kids will know is if the mother or a therapist explains it to the teacher and she/he explains it to the rest of the class . Or their parents find out and explain it to them.

  • Proud Alumnus of the Melcher-Dallas School System

    Jacob Wheeler: Bless you. I wish my life were the way that you described. Nope. I have warts just like everyone else; maybe more! And, life has not always been easy. And, yes, we have an Autistic person in our family. But, thank you for your opinion. Everyone should have the right to voice it–even me.

  • jeffrey palmento

    this kid and family are playing the victim. by reading all the posts its sounds like he did a lot of bullying himself, but its ok he does it because he is special. IS THAT OK?????? He chased that little girl home with a bat, he beats people up on the bus, torments people all the time. parents and kids are probably sick of it. He should be taken out of that school so everyone can get an education.

    • Very Concerned

      Jeffrey Palmento –
      I have found statements of Levi Null’s mother which admit to the aggression this child has.

      Dawn Simmons states:

      “all these kids saying Levi bullied them I’m not saying he didn’t there is Never an excuse for anyone hitting another student period .”

      Levi Null’s mother has also stated in various posts:

      “never did I say he was perfect”

      “I’m not saying my son is innocent”

      “I never said to anyone my son was innocent”

      “I’m NOT saying he is innocent”

  • Very Concerned

    WHO Channel 13 did not investigate, follow-up, or report on many facts, leaving residents and students vunerable to the National unmerciful lashing they’ve received.

    A few days ago I posted an indepth list of QUOTES FROM THOSE WHO WERE INVOLVED in this situation
    1) to get a better informed basis for an opinion;
    2) get a synopsis of any history of problems with Levi, the students, and residents;
    3) to find out what the story really was, instead of the **partial** WHO Channel 13 report;
    4) and especially to see exactly what Levi’s mother had posted.

    There are many statements WHO Channel 13 did not deem necessary to report or follow up on.

    The video put online was showing Levi picking his nose in the lunch room.
    *** this was not stated in the WHO Channel 13 report.

    The student who put the video online was punished according to school policy and by his parents. *** this was not stated in the follow-up report by WHO Channel 13.

    The Junior High students received training on (I assume 11-15) according to ‘Karen’ on 11-19: “the Junior High was given training on Friday about what it is like to have autisim.” ***this was not included in any of the WHO Channel 13 reports.

    The student who cold-cocked (corrected term of his Aunt’s) Levi was punished. An eye witness to this ‘cold-cocking’ has stated “Levi was taunting all the kids up in the park that day. He call another kid a f****n N**ger, your nephew and a friend of his wanted to talk to levi about calling others names, and try to tell him to stop, and levi was on his bike and tryed to run your nephew over with his bike and your nephew picked up the bike tire and moved it so it wouldnt hit him and levi said, “oh is that the way its gunna be you P***Y.”
    ***The Aunt’s statement was not fully reported by WHO Channel 13.

    Evidently, the incidents between these 2 students was ongoing, because Dawn Simmons (Levi’s Mother) states “Ask Jen (the nephew’s Mother) who told her to tell the principal what Levi done to her son”.

    Dawn Simmons (Levi’s Mother) also stated “for weeks we was in that office everyday” – (referring to the principal’s office); and “I have a letter from the principal proving that my son has been suspended and in trouble many times for mistakes he makes”

    Levi Null has brought bullets to school and threatened to shoot other students. Dawn Simmons states “as far as bullets were empty shell casings ha enough from his dad’s home that he hid in his bag when he shown the kid the school took them he was suspended for 2 days and he was grounded at home”
    ***this was not included in any of the WHO Channel 13 reports.

    There are multiple instances over approximately 2 years history of children being threatened, hit, bullied, chased, and rock throwing BY LEVI in various places of the town.
    ***which shows me that Levi is unsupervised and does not have an adult with him, including instances happening during the evening.

    A MD student has stated “He has told me and many other people to go kill themselves.”
    ***this was not included in any of the WHO Channel 13 reports.

    Another MD student has stated “says he’s going to kill people and even threatened to me that he wold kill my mom with a sniper rifle.”
    ***this was not included in any of the WHO Channel 13 reports.

    Levi’s Mother refers to some of these instances by stating “My son isn’t allowed up town because it causes . Problems”
    *** but the date is unknown when she decided to not allow him to go ‘up town’, or whether Levi is adhering to that rule.

    Levi Null has had a history of being in the judicial courts, the amount of times is unclear, but his mother has stated there was 2 different properties involved. Dawn Simmons states “the bus barn and house the were taken care by police and courts”
    ***this was not included in any of the WHO Channel 13 reports.

    Several phone calls during this summer have been made to the police for an out of control teen.
    ***this was not included in any of the WHO Channel 13 reports.

    Dawn Simmons states that her son:
    “has a phycitrist and a counsellor that he sees regularly”
    “takes meds on a regular basic”
    “has help mama since he was 7yrs old”

    Yes, the town of MD has a committee to address bullying. According to ‘Be Positive’: “There is an anti-bullying committee in Melcher-Dallas who had a meeting during Aaron’s (WHO Channel 13 Reporter) second visit to town”
    ***This was not mentioned in the follow-up WHO Channel 13 report.

    The latest post online by Dawn Blubaugh Simmons is: “I wanna give a huge shout out to the Melcher-Dallas students who have been amazing this week the kids have not bullied and many have apologized and they have really stepped up to show this community how we should stick together and make awareness to this and be adults about it. WAY TO GO -November 20 at 11:34am
    *** This statement was not mentioned in the follow-up reported by WHO Channel 13.

    Clearly multiple times of being suspended from school by the school – and grounded by his Mother – is not helping or teaching Levi Null.

    Why haven’t his parents accepted that ‘mainstreaming’ Levi in a school system is a failure – and find a better teaching environment for Levi?

    • cowboysfan

      Very well said, you really did the research. Everyone should read what you just wrote. Please send that to WHOTV. The last post by Dawn make me sick. I didn’t see alot of support for the school, I do believe people just didn’t want to get involved on the Social network. There is more support for the school and administration that people would ever believe. Have been out and about noticing this. Have been hearing more about how cruel people are to others in these comments. Its heartbreaking to know people can be that mean. The parents needs to teach this kid right from wrong, should have been doing this 10 years ago. I not convinced he doesn’t know right from wrong.. He is as much to blame as the other kids. PARENTING is the keyword!!

  • Very Concerned

    Do you know any child that hasn’t learned at the age of 13 to NOT pick his nose in public…..especially in school in the Lunch Room? (where the video took place).

    My opinion is that is not a ‘medical tick’, as was reported.

    I truly believe, after days of re-reading all of the Mother’s statements I found – that yes, she does want help with Levi – because she does not have the facilities to deal anymore with her child that has Asperger’s and ADHD.

    Her ‘grounding’ and the School’s ‘suspensions’ is not helping Levi.

    I truly also believe that there is more to this story, and the true reason her adult Son from a different Father called the news station.

    ‘Does it cost $ to send your child to a better learning facility?’ and ‘What exactly are the programs that are available from the city/state/gov, and do they cost $ – and who pays that $$ ?’.

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