MORNING BUZZ: Chase, Two Wrongs and 1st Card

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Good Morning!
Right to the News this morning.

West Des Moines Police tried pulling over a car by the Southwest Connector early this morning and the car took off. Eventually the car ran out of road and went off-road….the police stopped. They followed into the woods on foot where they discovered tracks leading into Moffitt Reservoir. I will never understand why people try to outrun police…it NEVER works. If this guy drove his car into Moffitt, you have to ask yourself…what’s so bad that it’s worth killing yourself over?

Two Wrongs
The case of a Teenage Boy with Asperger in Dallas Melcher gets worse. For those who don’t know, a group of kids taped this boy showing signs of Asperger Syndrome…running into stuff because he can’t control himself. The teenagers got a cruel laugh out of it when they posted the video online. The District disciplines them, but not under their bullying rules.
A Father whose son was involved in the taping wrote us and wanted to talk on camera yesterday. No joke, his response was, this kid brings it on himself. Then he goes on to describe the symptoms of Aspergers’ as the specific behaviors that lead other kids to bully. I may be wrong here but I think you’re missing the point.
Lets just say this kid has NO special needs at all. Lets say he does egg on your kids. YOU ARE THE ADULT…it’s up to you to teach your kids to deal with situations like this by using words or simply walking away. Harassing, belittling and humiliating another kid is, under no circumstances OK. How can you interpret the video taping in ANY other way? I’m really asking. Is there another explanation we’re not hearing about? Were these other kids in some danger and they wanted the tape as evidence they were defending themselves?
No. To paraphrase A Few Good Men, they picked on and tormented a weaker kid…and why? Because they could. The rest of this is just smoke-filled coffee-house crap.
The parents should be ashamed of their reaction. Someone would pull these kids aside and help them do some serious reflecting. 20 years from now when they have a special needs kid…how would they feel?
A side note. The District told us they did not use bullying rules to discipline the kids in question. They used another rule. I may be mistaken here but don’t Iowa Districts have to report bullying to the state? Is that the reason Administrators are avoiding the use of the word? Just asking.
And by the way here’s state code on Bullying:

b. “Harassment” and “bullying” shall be construed to mean
any electronic, written, verbal, or physical act or conduct toward a
student which is based on any actual or perceived trait or
characteristic of the student and which creates an objectively
hostile school environment that meets one or more of the following
(1) Places the student in reasonable fear of harm to the
student’s person or property.
(2) Has a substantially detrimental effect on the student’s
physical or mental health.
(3) Has the effect of substantially interfering with a student’s
academic performance.
(4) Has the effect of substantially interfering with the
student’s ability to participate in or benefit from the services,
activities, or privileges provided by a school.
c. “Trait or characteristic of the student” includes but is
not limited to age, color, creed, national origin, race, religion,
marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical
attributes, physical or mental ability or disability, ancestry,
political party preference, political belief, socioeconomic status,
or familial status.

SO is this bullying?

1st Card
I could hardly believe the timing when I opened the mail yesterday. The first Christmas card of the year was inside. Not Happy Holidays so as to include Thanksgiving…Merry Christmas.
Have a good day


  • ***

    Two Wrongs…..Thank you Patrick. I believe your statements to be very accurate. As a member of this community and a parent of 3 students in this district I hope all parents read this. If any of them are pissed off about your comments, then I would say you are 100% correct and they are proving your point. As far as the bullying regulations you have provided, those are written very general and could encompass some innocent activities that teenagers partake in. How the students handle these situations will be determined by their parent’s influence in their lives. We must keep in mind, these kids might only have 10-13 years of life experience and are not able to identify the significance of their actions. This is where the parental influences come in and help them develop and learn from these social situations. It is saddening to see some of the outrage, blame and lack of resposibility that has been exhibited on some of the responses to the news reports. But, then again, that may be proving your point.

  • Megan Turner

    Patrick behind you 100 percent as I am a parent of children in this district also. Believe me a lot of issues here just get “swept under the rug” and I am sick of all of it. Parents need to come together and we need to stop this! I’m sick of “certain kids” getting by with things. I would like to know what kind of “punishment” if any these kids served. Maybe Aaron would like to come back for a 3rd follow up in December for the next school board meeting :) Thanks WHO for everything you do!

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