AGRIBUSINESS: No Farm Bill Deal Reached

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After meeting for roughly 90 minutes Thursday, neither House nor Senate Ag Committee leaders have an agreement on a new farm bill.

Senate Ag Chair Debbie Stabenow was disappointed at the lack of an agreement, but says she'll keep fighting for Senate priorities.

Staff are expected to continue work, but member-level meetings are still up in the air. Stabenow says negotiations broken down several times very near to a comprehensive agreement, and both she and House Ag Chair Frank Lucas stated earlier this week than an agreement by today was of importance.

Stabenow says now she doesn't know the prospects of a bill by year's end.

The House will return from Thanksgiving break in the first week of December, and shortly thereafter will leave again for Christmas break on December 13th. The Senate, which was in session Friday, will not return until December 9th.