FORGIVENESS WEEK: Radio Station Wants To Help

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You may have noticed some billboards around Des Moines asking questions that point toward family conflict.

A metro radio station, wants to help with that conflict.

“Because the holidays are just around the corner. And for a lot of people that means stress. Grudges from previous years…relationships that need help,” says Dave St. John with Life 107.1.

Life 107.1 is devoting this week to the topic of forgiveness. The station is offering on-air help as well as counselors off-air to walk people through issues of conflict.

The station has already aired powerful stories, one from a person forgiving someone who murdered a loved one.

Forgiveness week ends Sunday.

“One of the first things you need to do is acknowledge that a hurt happened and really try to put words to it...what all did it involve,” questions psychologist Heidi Warner. “Then when you think about forgiveness it's not about letting the person off the hook, it's not about saying this real hurt didn't happen, it's really about saying ‘I need to let this go for my own sake.'”

The station will continue the on air discussion Friday through Sunday on Life 107.1.

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