CYCLONE FOOTBALL: Kansas Game Highlights

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The Iowa State Cyclones take on the Kansas Jayhawks Saturday night.  The game kicked off at 7 p.m. at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames.

The first quarter gets off to a slow start but with six minutes left, the Cyclones snag the ball and complete a 58-yard pass for the first game touchdown.  Iowa State goes for the extra point and its good, the Cyclones lead the Jayhawks 7-0.

The second quarter starts and early on, the Cyclones go for a field goal.  The 22-yard kick is good and Iowa boosts their lead against Kansas 10-0.

The teams come back from halftime ready to play on the frozen field.  Iowa State snags the ball early into the third quarter for a 21-yard field goal.  The kick is good and the Cyclones boost their lead against the Jayhawks 13-0.

Minutes later, the Cyclones are back with the ball. The Cyclones complete the pass for the team's second touchdown of the game.  Iowa State leads Kansas with six minutes left in the third quarter 20-0.

With one-minute left in the third quarter, the Cyclones rush for their third touchdown of the game.  Iowa State leads Kansas in the third quarter 27-0.

The fourth quarter of the game starts and its Iowa State again with the ball.  The Cyclones rush for another touchdown and they take it all the way.  The Cyclones lead the Jayhawks 34-0.

The clock runs out and the game ends in an Iowa State victory, their second of the season.  The Cyclones shut out the Jayhawks with the final score of the game 34-0.

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