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E – CIGARETTES: The Controversy Continues

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When it comes to electronic cigarettes, the government wants more rules while smokers want another option.

Earlier this month, Iowa Attorney General, Tom Miller called for state lawmakers to impose new restrictions on the liquid nicotine product, e - cigarettes.

“The most important thing the state legislature needs to do is to prohibit the sale of these cigarettes to minors," he said.

Miller said the flavored liquid used for the product is appealing to kids. Vapors, people who use e - cigarettes, agree with Miller. Personal vaporizers are not toys.

“Legislatively there is no responsible person out there who believes that these products should be available to minors. Nobody,” say Julie Woessner, who is on the board of directors for the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association.

Stores like, Central Iowa Electronic Cigarettes, in Des Moines only sell to adults, 18 and older. According to the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association, the e - cigarette industry is gaining speed.

Its target audience is adult smokers who can’t kick the habit. The industry already brings in two billion dollars every year. That amount is expected to double by this time next year. Vendors like Mike Morgan say it’s a healthier alternative to feed a habit.

“It`s a nicotine alternative. It’s another way to get nicotine in a way that is a whole lot safer," he said.

Miller is also asking lawmakers to add e - cigarettes to the Iowa Smoke Free Air Act.
That would prohibit their use indoors.



  • jodi carter

    If you are so concerned about whether of not the establishments are selling to kids, you might want to put that kind of effort into the business that sell the bath salts to minors. I have heard and been involved with many families where their kids are addicted and either jailed leaving a life long record, or death. That should be your top priority!! Once you have a record you will NEVER be able to get a good job. Take care of this garbage.

  • tina galvez

    i just started vapig 10 days ago. not because i wanted to.but because i needed to quit smoking, so i tried the ecig vaping and yes i am 10 days cold turkey cig free. and i do have so called cravings but not for the cig. its mental . you have the habbit of reaching for that cig. so i now reach for the e cig. and i feel much better. i have been smoking for 27 years.i loved smooking. i never wanted to quit. until my friend kris introduced me to the new ecig like provari. and itaste. there are so many different ones. i also use ego.and the flavors some are amazing. a much better alternative to me smoking.i no longer smell like stale cigs or an ash try. and my old man loves it.there are sooo many supportive people in the ecig vaping community that boost u up. and helps u feel like u can do.i say leave them us alone. let us use the ecig with out any political imvolve ment. u dont object to people smoking as long as u make that buck.. well vaping is enjoyment.. leave us alone…

  • Debbie Guardino

    “Miller said the flavored liquid used for the product is appealing to kids.”
    Again the same old tired flavor argument…When are these people going to realize that adults like flavors too? Maybe when they can no longer purchase their flavored alcohol….

  • Brad W

    I smoked for 40 years and tried over those years to quit, cold turkey, patches, gum, and chantix. Always went back to smoking. I finally quit using an e-cig and vanilla flavored e juice. I am 57 years old and enjoy the many fruity and dessert flavors I can vape. I have found I can climb stairs with getting out of breath and myself, my car and my house do not smell like an ashtray anymore. I agree that children should not be able to purchase these devices but to remove them from adults, is simply the government trying to get back the tax dollars they lost when people started to quit smoking, which is something the government told us to do in the first place. Children through the ages have found ways to get what they want and will continue to do so in-spite of the law. Let me as an adult make decisions about what I put into my body. Please educate yourself on the reality of e-cigs before making any decision regarding them.

    I do NOT want to be put in with smokers. I do not smoke.

  • Myk

    Prohibiting their use indoors here in the winter wonderlands would be making many non-smokers go back to smoke. It’s like expecting a car heater to work as good in January as it did in August. Ain’t going to happen.
    For the rest of the year it would be like making recovering alcoholics drink water in bars because water and vodka look alike. Some of those alcoholics will give into temptation.
    These things are such common sense one has to wonder what the real motivation of those wanting to treat ecigs as cigarettes are really after. Seems they’re taking “quit or die” to heart and are mad that people have found a way they don’t consider quitting so they’re going to push them to the die option as hard as they can.

    There are a lot of things I miss about Iowa. Some of the politicians are not on that list.

  • Justice

    One more reason, on the list of many that Tom Miller needs to go. He’s just another democrat sticking his nose in to people’s business.

  • Bret

    Put more restrictions on these products and I’m going to switch back to cigarettes out of convenience. Is that the goal here, to turn us back onto cigarettes?

  • Jennifer Askew

    How can anyone enforce an indoor ban when vapor doesn’t smell like tobacco smoke, it dissipates in 10 to 11 seconds, do not look like a traditional cigarette, and there is no ash or side stream smoke? Vapers can easily go around that law just by discretely vaping by holding the vapor in for 10 seconds. Many ecigs either look like a flashlight, a cell phone or an ink pen. So, are you going to ban these devices so you can monitor who uses ecigs in public?

    • tina galvez

      they can try to ban it. but i will still do it. i will never obey that law. every. if it was harmfull to someone sure i would obey but its not so they can kiss my well u get the pic….

  • Junson Chan

    I got my neighbor to switch to ecigs because she was spending too much money on regular cigarettes and the second hand smoke was angering my other neighbor’s parents, whose kids were coughing from it.

    These things are great, and they’re cheaper. Vapers should not be lumped together with smokers because there’s a lot less harmful ingredients in electronic cigs.

    Check out my ecig blog at http://www.urlen.com

  • Clint SR

    To say this will be be added to the smoke free act would be a contradiction of itself. We vapers are not producing smoke nor is it tobacco. I feel the owner of an establishment should be able to choose whether or not vaping is allowed inside. The government should only worry about sales to minors , that is it.

  • Uma

    Kids are experimenting with zero nicotine, if they experiment at all. This seems to be their largest concern. Not only has this generation escaped the tobacco addiction by switching to eCigs, so is the next generation. No addicts, no smoke taxes. ECigs are 99% safer than traditional cigarettes. Bottom line. End of story.

    • tina galvez

      very good point. kids are smokin younger and younger. i would rather them vape 0 nic then smoke ciggys..i see nothin wrong with it. as long as they are responsible.and no nic

    • gotsteam

      Uma, the truth of the matter is while there has to be an extremely small number of kids trying 0 nicotine, the vast majority of kids using e-cigs are already cigarette smokers and are using nicotine juice. Kids that don’t smoke have no interest in e-cigs. There is another group of kids using e-cigarettes but not for nicotine. This group of kids are using these products to get high with. I work at a school district and I have talked to our campus peace officers. When they catch a kid with an e-cig, only 2 or 3 out of ten have e-liquid too, the rest have a controlled substance called wax, a form of marijuana. These “Oh the children, OH! the children” reports are skewed, they are non-scientific and they are lies. Big Pharma does not want you or I to use e-cigarettes to quit smoking, they want us to buy their products. And they will use children to advance their agenda.That is the truth.

  • James

    It seems to me that these politicians have not taken the time to educate themselves on how PV’s (personal vaporizers) work. OR they have decided that the money they get from the tobacco settlement is more important than people’s lives! Why does flavored alcohol never get attacked? This is harm reduction! If they regulate PV’s into oblivion, they are going to be directly respresponsible for millions of deaths! Big pharma is playing a major role in this as well. They want to keep selling their snake oil pills and patches that have been proven to fail miserably at helping people quit smoking. I get my nicotine from vapor, and I am healthier than I have been in years. Don’t take my right to use nicotine in a MUCH safer capacity!

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