AGRIBUSINESS: EPA Declaring War On Corn?

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Several weeks ago the Environmental Protection Agency announced a proposal to lower the fuel standard of ethanol.  This is the first week of the 60-day public comment period that runs until January 28.
People who want to comment can go to to submit their thoughts.  The proposed standard would lower the blends of ethanol and biodiesel in the nation's fuel supply.
A criticism of ethanol are claims that older cars cannot support blends higher than E-10. The proposal could lower renewable fuels by up to 16 percent with biodiesel taking the biggest hit.
Multiple Iowa legislators oppose that plan. Governor Branstad says the EPA has declared a war on corn. Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey says ethanol has helped the Iowa economy.  Senator Grassley says Iowa is fighting ignorance.


  • eric

    Heck with the EPA having a war against corn, EVERY hunter/fisher/wildlife supporter should be in a war against corn. the molestation of every piece of land due to artificially hightened corn prices has devastated our local environments. think about that next time there is a bacteria alert at a lake or someone complains they can’t find any pheasants. can’t fight the farmer though, they need their new trucks every year.

  • Douglas VanLangen

    Yep, it has nothing to do with all the farm ground cemented over and built on in the last 20 to 30 years and all the water running straight into storm sewers to the rivers. And it seems when I do get to the “Big” city, there are plenty of shiny new cars and SUV’s running around there too

  • Douglas VanLangen

    Do you remember where the city limit’s used to be, even in just the suburbs of DSM, or are you in a bubble?

  • Enviro Equipment, Inc.

    The EPA isn’t declared war on farmers, ranchers were any other agricultural business, they are simply trying to implement ways to protect our environment. Now, they may be insensitive to how their regulations affect businesses, but they certainly aren’t out to destroy them or otherwise cause them harm.

    The oil and gas industry? Now, that’s a different story!

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