AGRIBUSINESS: Time Running Out On Final 2013 Farm Bill

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Congress this year has passed fewer bills than at any point in the last 66 years, but members of the farm bill conference committee are optimistic about passing a measure soon.

Time is not on their side. Only two weeks remain for a deal, and the Senate is not in Washington this week. The following week is the only point before year's end in which both chambers are in session together.

Discussions on the next farm bill are expected to continue this week, and Senate conferees have been notified that they may be called back for an open conference meeting.

Still on the congressional to-do list is a budget deal for the rest of this fiscal year. Looming in mid-January is the sequester; the annual $109 billion in automatic across-the-board budget cuts. House and Senate budget chairs have reportedly narrowed their focus in a budget deal.


  • bart

    End the fraud, end the blackmail:
    According to fear mongering political shills milk will hit $7.00 – $8.00 a gallon with no farm bill.
    According to common sense and basic economics once that $8.00 milk begins to rot on the shelf the price will self-adjust to free-market $2.00 per gallon milk.

  • Brett

    It never ceases to amaze me as to how uninformed most of you REALY are when it comes to the farm bill. There is no subsidies that go to the farmers to turn corn into ethanol. There used to be a blenders credit of around 45cents a gallon to blend it with gasoline and the oil companies received that but that no longer exists. And how unfortunate is it that most of you don’t understand that the corn that is used to make ethanol doesn’t just diaspore after the ethanol is made. The corn comes out the other end and is used as feed for livestock feed. The same corn that would have been fed anyway are called DDG’s instead of corn. I could go on all night about how we all should beg restful for our American farmers after all people, WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SAW AN AMERICAN FARMER’S PICTURE ON THE TERRORIST WATCH LIST. Let’s just keep sending our money to those who want to blow us up. Besides why don’t you people find out how much the farm bill is and what percent actually goes to the American farmer.

    • bart

      It never ceases to amaze the taxpayer funded gravy train denial.
      1. Subsidy:.
      a direct pecuniary aid furnished by a government to a private industrial undertaking, a charity organization, or the like.
      i.e. Ethanol mandate (admit or not) is a subsidy force onto the consumer.
      2.DDG’s is a process that strips corn of vital nutrients normally fed thru the chain but ethanol propaganda wants the consumer to believe this is a high quality byproduct.
      3. The last time I saw an American farmer on any terrorist list was rodney heemstra which murdered his neighbor over farm ground then dumped same neighbor down said well to rot in $&#%.
      Furthermore the argument of foreign oil is mute due to N Dakota, Montana, Texas and other abundant oil sands including our friendly neighbors to the north.
      4. I could go on and on about the adverse damages caused by the ethanol sham including the gulf’s “dead zone”, soaring food costs which starve the poor, water pollution due to excess fertilizer.
      The environmental, conservation and other adverse conditions go on and on.
      And finally: Home builders that went under due to the real estate bubble never tuned to the gov for a handout but you can bet lazy&$^ farmers will be 1st in line begging for handouts once the ethanol bubble bursts.
      Just watch and enjoy.

  • Brett

    So the government uses food as sanctions against many different countries imposing limitation of exports for the products that are being raised by American Farmers who are told what there expenses will be and then told what they must take for there product all manipulated by the very government who is always in the way of a true and free market. What I have to say to blind people like those of you who chose only to believe what they are told and not research the facts IS you should thank your lucky stars that our government has the control they do over our food supply’s that they do because if they didn’t our food supply chain would be in great jeopardy. It’s unsupported il researched comments of what sounds like pure hostility towards the very people who keep a uniform supply our foods. I believe that maybe if those ” lazy” farmers have it so good, maybe you should put your money where your mouth is and become one of those extremely fortunate and highly subsidized money machines and get rich with them. I’m sure someone with the far exceeding intellect as yours could be a billionaire in no time. What are you waiting for? Head down to any of your local banks tell the you need a couple million dollars so you can become filled with the rich’s as well. Sounds like you have it all figured out. I’m so PROUD OF YOU.

  • Brett

    DDG’s are indeed a great livestock feed supply and they are being used to feed the very animals that you find under those cellophane rappers in the grocery store. That product that you believe is no good is being shipped all over the world as a livestock food source. But it can’t be any good, and the tens of thousands of feeders don’t know their #%^ from a whole in the ground or are just so manipulated by the huge ethanol propaganda they simply forgot how to compute feed costs verses pound of meat raised. Those guys, shame on them. Oh and as far as the 7-8 dollar milk, I don’t think that’s the case but if it is, parity is what our Government says they will pay for the food. So all of the private vendors will have to bid against our Government at those prices. You may not pay that price but believe me it will be paid for by most of us all. The ethanol mandate was all part of the EPA ‘a clean air act. That is no different then mandating emissions on automobiles. And however I agree it’s a hidden form of a tax I think you have trouble distinguishing what’s a subsidy and what’s better for our world as a whole in the form of a mandate.

  • bart

    no time for all your gibberish Brett but I was raised on family farm and I still own part of that farm. I am a farmer in a smaller operation and not a mega row crop subsidy sucka setting around the coffee shop bragging about your unearned subsidies.

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