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LAGGING BEHIND: US Education Ranks 36th Worldwide

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The US education secretary says the nation performed poorly on a global exam.

The results of the annual Program for International Student Assessment or PISA were announced Tuesday.

OECD International Education RankingThe test considered the worldwide benchmark for educational rankings by country and is taken by more than half-a-million 15-year-olds.

It measures standards in math, science and reading across Europe, North and South America, Australia, Asia and parts of the Middle East.

The US failed to reach the top 20 in any of the tested subjects.

“The problem is not that our 15-year-olds are performing worse today than before – the problem, instead, is that they are simply not making progress. Yet, students in many other nations, as the secretary-general pointed out, are advancing, instead of standing still,” Arne Duncan said.

According to the results, Shanghai teens are the smartest in the world. East Asian economies performed best overall, claiming seven of the top ten places across all three subjects.

The US ranked 36th overall performing below the OECD average in mathematics and a score indistinguishable from the average for reading and science.


  • Buck Naykid

    it is because of illegals and generation of illegals in the system. and the teacher’s union just cares about getting taxpayer funded retirements and other benefits

  • Matt Groff

    The Teachers, Teachers’ Union and School Districts all claim that: “Spending more for education equals better education.” Well these results prove that is not true!! It proves it is just the opposite!! The United States Spends more money Per Student than any other country and what do we get with that money? We rank in the Middle of the pack in all of the world and at the bottom of the top industrialized Nations!

    When we compare how the other countries spend their money to how The United States does it. It is totally night and day! In the USA The money goes directly yo the School District and the Student goes to the school district that they live in! where in most of the world the parents send the student to a school and the money goes to that school. But if the parents feel that if their child is not getting a good enough education at that particular school they can withdraw their child from that school and then send them to another school, and the money goes to the other school!!

    If you say about implementing that here in the USA, The Teachers, Teachers’ Union and School Districts all say: “That is Competition and that is Bad for education!” But competition as in Spots is good for the students, Huh?! I know why they do not want that type of system in the USA? Because most of the teachers will actually have to work and Teach the students something, instead of just telling the students: “You assignment is to read chapter x in your book and to answer the questions at the end of the chapter for your homework.” Then the teacher sets back and reads a book for the rest of the class period! Or some teachers will “Lecture” in a monotone voice for the whole class and put half the class to sleep!! Other Teachers will use an “overhead Projector” and give their lesson that way! To me that is not “Teaching”!!

    You have a lot of Teachers getting paid $50k to $75k a year plus extracurricular duties which will put some of them over $100k per year, and then you have Superintendents and Principals getting paid well over $100k per year! Yes there are a lot of teachers getting paid $20k to $35k per year! Plus don’t forget most of them to all of them get their insurance and other benefits (Pension, 401k, etc..) all paid for by the School districts the work for!! Most get a raise every year, because it is included in the contract by the union! Then the people wonder why their taxes go up every year!!

    There are common sense ways to reduce costs for the schools. But most if not all of the school districts will not do them! Why? Teachers will go on strike, school staff will go on strike, the unions will force the school districts to increase the spending and thus raise taxes, and if it is simple, works and lowers costs, the schools won’t have an excuse to raise taxes!!

    Some ways to reduce costs:
    1) Have Teachers and Administrators pay a % towards their benefits.

    2) coordinate with other school districts to buy supplies, thus with a larger order will get a discount!

    3) Do away with Tenure and base pay raises on performance! I know the Unions are not going to like that but Too F’ing bad!! We have been hearing about too many bad teachers lately and they cannot be fired/released/let go because of Tenure, even if they commit a crime!!

    4) Have an outside agency or company to Audit School Districts financial books every year! This way they can uncover any unnecessary, illegal, or wasteful practices. Such as Employes clocking in and then going somewhere else to work and then come back to clock out, and get paid for a full days work when they never where there!! That person should be fired immediately and immediate investigation into how long that type of activity has been going on and repay back any money for “time not at work” and got paid for and was “clocked in”!

  • steve wilson

    well…….duh……..um……….duh………….huh……………what was the question……..where’s my x-box………. duh…………zzzzzzzzzzz…………

  • Matt Groff

    @Steve Wilson

    You said it! That is the attitude most students take, when it comes to paying attention in school! Why? Because most of the “teachers” and I that term Loosely, don’t make the subject matter interesting enough so the students want to learn! Or the “teachers” will use a teaching style that make the class so boring that the students are bored out of their minds and want to fall asleep, doodle, or do something else!

    I had teachers in high school and college that made the subject matter seem interesting, so the students were interested in learning the subject matter the teacher was teaching! I also had teachers in High school and college that due to their teaching style made the subject matter seem so boring, that the students wanted to fall asleep, doodle, play games or do other stuff!

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