HUSER TRIAL: Victim’s Son Shares Testimony

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The jury in Vernon Huser’s second murder trial heard more from the victim's son Friday.

Lynn Morningstar was questioned about his call records and internet history around the time of Lance Morningstar's murder.

Lynn Morningstar claimed he talked to his dad in the days leading up to the murder but phone records don't back that up.

Investigators also say they found an internet search for "how to disappear" on Lance Morningstar's computer, but his son says he made the search

“He hadn`t come home and I still didn`t know why.  We thought the worse but just in case there was a chance that he did run away I thought I would look it up and see if it was possible for that to of happened,” testified Lance Morningstar.

The prosecution is expected to rest its case in the next couple days.

Vernon Huser was convicted of Morningstar’s murder in 2010 but was awarded a new trial after the Iowa Court of Appeals ruled hearsay evidence was used during the trial.

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