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BIG CAT: Hunters Spot Mountain Lion On Trail Cam

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Hunters in northwest Iowa got a surprise when they came across a mountain lion.

The mountain lion was first spotted by the hunters on a trail camera.  They notified the Department of Natural Resources who then confirmed the big cat was in fact a mountain lion.

Officials shot and killed the cat on Friday night because of how close it was to a community.



  • D Powers

    Recently DNR killed a bear near Creston. Now a DNR employee kills a mountain lion. In both cases they felt that the animals were threats. It seems that government employees take it on themselves to decide whether an animal is to live or die. It is it a matter of just wanting to kill the animal just so they can say they did. People in other parts of the country live in proximity to mt.lions and bears all the time and do not feel it necessary to kill them. The mtn. lion was chewing on a dead deer and with the plentiful supply of deer, I don.t think they are a real threat to humans. Some people like to shoot just to hear the gun go off.

  • steve smitty

    Ya, when im mushroom hunting out in the middle of nowhere and I run across one of these and it is chasing me, I will sure enjoy the sight and then when they start eating my cats and getting in my garage, I will run and buy them toys and feed them, ya, who needs guns when we can just surcome to all the wild beast, if i see one anywhere near myhouse i will without a doubt shoot it, just like if i catch another thief at myhouse i will more than likely shoot them aswell.,

  • Dan

    @ the very least why can’t they tranquilize them & relocate them. Besides what is wrong with a bear or big cat in Iowa, they were here long before us. We r trying to make more habitat in our state & when the top preditors come to keep the ecosystem healthy they get killed. No wonder so many people hit deer with their cars.

  • Dan

    There is a mountain lion living in the Hollywood hills near the Hollywood sign & they don’t feel they have to kill it out there. Even tho he has far fewer deer to eat they are pracicing live & let live & nobody feels the need to kill it. The Iowa deer even had a buck he was feeding on & they still felt the need to kill rather than relocate or “LIVE & LET LIVE”.

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