SAYING GOODBYE: Creston Grieves For Two Boys

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The community of Creston said goodbye on Saturday to the two brothers who died last weekend.

The two brothers drowned after they fell through the thin ice on a pond at the family farm.

Nine-year-old Nate and 10 year-old TJ Frey were laid to rest on Saturday morning.

Family and friends said the brothers were incredibly close and did everything together. This week, volunteers held a fundraiser for the family. So far, they raised nearly $60,000 for the Frey family.

All money raised from the fundraiser will go toward a memorial scholarship fund at the boys’ school, St. Malachy in Creston.


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  • bart

    so sad…could’a been most any kids playing.
    One time back on the farm myself and my kid brother made a raft out of the ol man’s cut fence posts.
    we pushed it out to sea (so to speak) for a test run.
    too heavy so it sank like a rock while we watched from ashore.

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