INTO SPACE: Iowa Company Working With NASA

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Dozens of Iowans will have a hand in launching NASA's finest toward their mission to Mars.

KWWL reports employees of the Doerfer Company in Waterloo are working to transport NASA's newest rocket, one that will eventually take astronauts all the way to Mars.

The Doerfer Company's employees are working on vehicles that will transport the bottom half of NASA’s largest and most powerful rocket.

The vehicles are called Transporters; they will be used to move the core part of the rocket through the assembly process at NASA’s plant in Louisiana.

“NASA can choose technology not just from anywhere in the world, but anywhere in the universe, literally,” said Doerfer Company President Dave Takes.

“When they tap you on the shoulder and make you part of their team, it’s really a pretty neat feeling,” Takes said.

The $8.1 million worth of Transporters made by Doerfer will be shipped to NASA's assembly factory in Louisiana when they are finished in January.

There officials will begin assembling the next 240-foot rocket core.

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