SANTA CARES: Mall Event For Kids With Special Needs

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Many children look forward to seeing Santa Claus and telling him what they want for Christmas.  But for many, seeing Santa at the mall means long lines, bright lights and lots of noise.

"There's usually lots of waiting for us. He's not patient enough to wait in a long line so for us to get right in, it was great,” said shopper Heather Malloy.

To make sure every child enjoys their time with Santa, Merle Hay Mall hosted private photo sessions with Santa for children with special needs.

The mall opened two hours early so the families could walk right in.

The music was turned down and the lights were dimmed, creating a less stressful environment for the kids.

"Not only for the children getting to see Santa for the first time but the parents are so grateful as well," said Marketing Director for Merle Hay Mall Niki Reynolds.

"For many of them, this is the first time the whole family has gotten to see Santa,” Reynolds said.


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