THE INSIDERS: Predictions With Mark Jacobs

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Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate Mark Jacobs said in the Quick Six that he has never voted for a Democrat, that he did not support anyone in the 2012 caucus and that the best way to talk to women was on an emotional level.


  • Mary Freeman-Croyle

    Do you plan on showcasing ALL of the candidates running for public office? I hope so – from all parties – but don’t you have any harder questions? Truly, I found it a bit distasteful that during the bit on ‘How much family info should be out there’ (as well as throughout the entire interview) the candidate mentioned his spouse, children, their genders/ages/grade levels AND where they attended school, numerous times. Obviously, making direct, and not-so-oblique comparisons to candidate Olson’s current family issues as if, somehow, the much touted nuclear family structure equates to sound and effective political ideas – it really doesn’t. And no, we just do not need another ‘business-person’ dabbling in politics since, quite simply, when thing get tight you just cannot fire the American people – that is how businesses stay ‘profitable’ in down times you know. Oh boy, “Connect with women on an emotional level”? Honestly? We are sentient, logical, THINKING human beings – show us the JOBS without perpetually giving huge chunks of our tax money to those who cannot create employment opportunities without the corresponding consumer demand for same. Employment is created by the laws of supply and demand, not by wealthy folks with more money than they can individually spend – they do not buy market-driving goods and services with those great wads of hoarded cash – as it is the average citizen, with more disposable income accrued from good jobs with above-poverty-level incomes is the single, most crucial driving force in creating a healthy, sustainable national economy. By the way, ‘free market’ simply means that all of us will be giving more to those who already have, while we – those who have coughed up the dough and who get by on far less – scramble for any pathetic scraps which may (or may not) fall from their gilded plates. So NOT a solution to our country’s problems – which were CREATED by that very same failed laissez faire policy!

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