COURT RULING: Child Molester Set For Release

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A convicted child molester is set to be released from state custody.

When he was 14 years old, Anthony Geltz was convicted of molesting a child in Davenport.  During his time in juvenile custody he was disciplined a dozen times for sexual misconduct.

Once he turned 18, Geltz was declared a sexually violent predator allowing the state to keep him in custody. But The Iowa Supreme Court has ruled that adults can’t be classified in that way for crimes committed as a juvenile and has ordered his release.

“There is great risk of a re-offense. And the court noted that concern,” Clinton County attorney Mike Wolf says. “The attorney general’s office is looking at, is proposing this type of legislation to include juvenile offenders as well as adult offenders – there would be a focus on the type of crime committed as opposed to the age.”

Lawmakers are expected to consider the proposal when the session begins next month.  Once Geltz is released he will be required to register on the state sex offender registry.


  • Shiloh Darrelus

    Another Michael Klunder ready to victimize society and ruin more families lives. Spread the word wherever this guy goes to live that he is a pedophile that needs to be watched out for.

  • John McNament

    I agree this sicko doesn’t deserve to see the light of day. WTF is the state thinking making these types get hardly any punishment. I pray that parents will no longer lose their kids in Iowa to violent, repeat child rapists like we have seen all too often. CHANGE THE LAWS PEOPLE!!!

  • Cyclone steve

    Does anyone not remember the sex offender that kid-napped two girls in Dayton Iowa and killed one of them once the other ran away?? Prison doesn’t change their behaviors… especially when they get in trouble while incarcerated…

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