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TEMPLETON RED: Whiskey Flavors Iowa Beer

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A Knoxville company already knows how to micro-brew beer but now it’s using a popular Iowa whiskey to flavor its next batch.

The Peace Tree Brewing Company in Knoxville has been turning out bottled beers since 2010. The brewery is now aging beer in Templeton Rye barrels after the whiskey is drained from it. The finished product is called Templeton Red.

“This is the first time we were able to purchase enough barrels to do a bottle of it in the 22 ounce bottle,” says brewmaster Joe Kesteloot.

Peace Tree’s Red Rambler Ale sits in the barrel for 12 months. That gives the beer an oak and vanilla flavor, with rye whiskey notes.

Peace Tree has bought a number of the Templeton Rye barrels and will be releasing more batches of this beer

“It’s always good to be associated with another successful Iowa company we really appreciate using their barrels, they have a great product which helps our good product as well,” says Kesteloot.

You can get a taste of Templeton Red Wednesday night in Des Moines. It’s on tap at Akebono Sushi at 6:00 p.m. Then a tasting is set for Friday at Gateway Market at 5:00 p.m.

Peace Tree is holding a Templeton Red kick-off party at Up-Down next week with another event at Sbrocco later this month.


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