MURDER TRIAL: Vern Huser Testifies

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All week the defense has been having people testify as to the kind of man Vern Huser is including his work ethic and his character.

On Thursday, we heard first hand from the man accused of hiring a hitman to kill the man who had an affair with his wife.

When asked, Huser denied having anything to do with the death of Lance Morningstar, “I did not have nothing to do with that."

Huser also told the jury about his time as a farmer and how he eventually started what is now Ankeny Sanitation. He also talked about his marriage and divorce with Deb Huser and her long-time friendship with Lance Morningstar.

Most of the day was spent hearing testimony from Huser's son, Nick.

Nick Huser testified that he accidentally came across some emails between Deb Huser and Morningstar and eventually shared those emails with his dad.

Nick testified that his dad had suspicions about the affair and hired a private investigator to confirm the relationship.

He also spoke about Huser's work ethic around the office.

"He's always been a hands on guy, works on the trucks, get on the truck and go out on a route, go talk to people with sales, customer service, just very hands on,” Nick said.

The defense plans to continue to question Vern Huser Friday morning.

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