THREE MINUTES: Grand View University President Kent Henning

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Last spring, the Grand View Vikings won their second straight NAIA National Championship in wrestling.

The men’s soccer team was recently ranked number one and Grand View’s football team will play for a national championship on Saturday.

The President of the local university that keeps winning, Kent Henning, spent Three Minutes in the Chair with Channel 13’s Dan Winters.

Nearly 1,600 full-time students enrolled at Grand View University this fall.  The school has seen a 71 percent increase just in the time Kent Henning has been the president.

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  • farmerdigger1

    Maybe instead of spending money on coaching athletes that will never go any further in sports, Grand View should hire nursing instructors that can get more than 60% of their students to pass the four year course.80 to 100,000 dollars tuition down the drain. Any future nursing students should ask about and research what the HESI test (which is against the law in some states) is about. Grand View cares more about the probation and blemish on their record than helping the students pass the course and get to the state exam.

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