SCHOOL LOCKDOWN: Collier Gets Two Years

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The man who caused a school lockdown and sparked a manhunt in Des Moines in October was in court Wednesday to accept a plea deal.

The deal means 35-five-year-old Ryan Collier is sentenced to the maximum two years behind bars.

During the proceedings Collier admitted to following his ex-girlfriend into Merrill Middle School last October.

"On the day in question I followed her into the school after she stopped answering her phone and threatened to shoot her,” Collier said.

Collier fled from the school after learning his threat was causing a lockdown.

That sparked a lockdowns at five Des Moines schools and a two-hour-long manhunt. Collier was located and taken into custody.

He was initially charged with child endangerment, harassment, domestic abuse, and interference with official acts.

In court Wednesday the child endangerment charge was dismissed. Collier pleaded guilty to the other charges.

The Polk County judge sentenced him to serve a maximum of two years minus time served.


  • jed finlay

    this guy got sentenced for drug pocession and drug periphilnalia a 2 years ago,. and got sentenced to 10 years in prison. what is thie judicial system coming to? he should of never of been released. the next time these kids may not be so lucky. the punishment should of been more severe than 2 years plus time served on this incident

  • Darique Rodriquez

    As a black combat veteran coming back to the civilian world the transition was difficult for me as well. I am so glad I moved away from Des Moines. I’m sure I would have been one “terrified suburban” away from bring in the same position as Ryan. Meanwhile a poor affluenza suffering teen can mow over 4 people like nothing. There was alway the intent of making an example of this man. But ironically the same ones in the mob screaming “hang the bumb” are just as eager to say “support the troops/ God bless America!” Serve your time Ryan, learn from your mistakes and get the hell out of that town to get the help that you have earned. It worked for me.

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