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A settlement was reached in the case of a mentally ill woman who was tased by Chariton Police, even after she had been hog-tied and handcuffed.

It was the video the Chariton Police Department never wanted you to see; video that shows police officer Tyler Ruble repeatedly using his Taser on a woman with mental problems back in 2010, even after she was handcuffed. Police refused to turn the video over to us, even though it should be considered public information.

A source close to the department leaked the video to us, though. We showed it to the woman being tased…she didn't even know it existed.

"I can't believe there's a video. I can't believe that's me. I started crying," said 34-year-old Amy Storm back on May 31, 2012.

"I knew it was bad when it was happening I just didn't realize it was that bad, I guess. I didn't realize how bad it was," Storm said.

Our investigation led Storm to sue the police department. Under the terms of the settlement storm, is not allowed to comment.

The specifics of the settlement, including the amount Storm will be paid, should be a matter of public record. An attorney for the City of Chariton has not responded to our repeated requests for those settlement details.


  • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

    Yes Scoobie… I agree. One officer left the force because he was aware of corruption. When the system is so bad that a good cops leaves rather than try to make known the degree of corruption it is pretty bad and probably runs deep. As for the settlement, THAT should be public information just as the tape should have been turned over. The Police Dept. is a government agency supposedly serving the public. When these people start hiding information You KNOW they KNOW they are wrong.

    • Truth Hurts

      It wasn’t just one officer who left. Five officers left because of corruption. Complaints were made to city officials numerous times, yet all of them were ignored. You would think the city would have taken these complaints serious. The fact that so many officers left in such a short amount of time should have been a concerning warning sign of poor leadership and obvious problems within the department, but ignorance and pride got in the way. The city had this coming for keeping this officer working for them and giving no discipline for his repeated corrupt actions.

      • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

        Truth, Thanks for informing me. I only knew of the one through his family. He was highly qualified for the job coming to CHariton from the USAF where his job was law enforcement and then he attended L.E. academy.
        The CORRUPTION must run very deep in Lucas County Iowa. I had once thought of living there….. Nope.. not gonna happen

        What ever happened to Honesty and Integrity ????

    • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

      As a young woman in my early 20’s I discovered first hand that a majority of law enforcement cannot and should not be trusted.
      When an officer of the Law believes he/she IS the Law, rather than a person who represents the law corruption isn’t far behind.
      These kinds of L.E.O. we do not need on our streets any more than we need criminals.

      These people KNEW this woman had mental health issues so of course they could bully her… Just like homeless ppl who have no one to turn to.
      The very first thing that should be taught at Police Academy Should be that… “Your Badge identifies you an an officer of the Law. This means you represent the laws of this city/state/country and YOU are NOT the LAW….. Our L.E.O. should recognize that they are employed by the people they are sworn to protect. Obviously Tyler Ruble is one of those who has little respect for his community or the L.E. agency he was hired to serve.

      • Josh Bethune

        Very well said MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca and that a badge does not grand them extra rights to text and drive, run stop lights, harrass innocent people, drink and drive, smoke pot and drive and all the other corrupt things they do.

      • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

        I live in a very rural area. One night as I traveled home I saw a car on the shoulder of the road with only one headlight. Brain processed this and said “somebody hit a deer” … I went on by and then pulled a U turn and came back up the shoulder of the road. What I pulled up behind had two red stars on the plate … Now brain was scrambling.. how did a patrol car get there before me since there were no other cars on the road. I got out and walked up to the car. Imagine my shock when I saw a man with a Nebraska Huskers sweatshirt, and a ball cap on. The powder from the air bags was still swirling around in the car. He couldn’t get out because the left front quarter panel was jammed back… Even the engine was pushed back… I’m thinking… is this really a Trooper? He had to be really throwing the coal to it to do the kind of damage… I hit a deer at 85 smack in the center of my car and it broke the hood latch and pushed the radiator into the fan… that was al. Anyway the deer is lying in the eastbound lane same direction as the car was traveling, about 40 feet from the car… since we know the vehicle didn’t stop at the point of impact.. how far did that deer fly? The man said he had help coming and in less than 5 minutes another State Trooper showed up. Neither of them offered any thanks for a citizen stopping to offer help.

        A year later a Trooper pulled me over,,, I was probably speeding… I never did find out why he stopped me. As he looked at my DL and insurance papers I told him about having stopped to assist a Trooper who had hit a deer on the hill a couple miles back… I said I had never heard anything about the accident and wondered if that Trooper really was OK cause I knew he had hit the deer with some serious force. The Trooper said… “That was me… and Yea I am OK” then he handed me back my papers and told me I could go on my way.

        I will always wonder why a Trooper was blazing down a highway in his patrol car out of uniform after midnight.

  • Coffee Pot

    Their mayor looks like a real hero, no comment I’m running and hiding while I see if we can cover it up more. When his answer should be I’ll find out and something will be done. Tasers are a toy, they should be taken from the cops. How many have they killed now with tasers across the country?

  • Amy Storm

    I appreciate Aaron for broadcasting the video & making me aware of it. Now
    I’m just glad it’s over and I can move. Not move on, just move. It’s gonna take time and therapy to move on. Thanks for all the support.

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