HEALTH COVERAGE: 16K Iowans Told To Re-Apply

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Iowans who applied for health coverage through the federal website are being told to re-apply Friday due to delays with their original applications.

The news affects applicants who received a notice that they might qualify for Medicaid after applying on the federal website

The website has been plagued with problems since its unveiling in October.

The Iowa Department of Human Services is now saying applications through the federal portal are lacking enough information to process.

The state is sending emails and letters to the 16,000 Iowans affected recommending them to re-apply on their website or by calling 1-855-889-7985.

“We are working hard to ensure that Iowans who applied through will be enrolled in health coverage. We are encouraging Iowans who applied at the federal portal to reapply through our state website and call center,” said DHS Director Charles Palmer.

DHS also said it can’t say whether Iowans’ health care needs will be covered in the meantime. Those affected are being encouraged to reapply as soon as possible.

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