QUALITY OF LIFE: Majority Of DM Residents Content

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A new survey shows the majority of Des Moines residents are satisfied with the city.

Over 80% of the 401 businesses and 870 residents sampled said they were happy with the quality of life in Iowa’s capital. While 71% said they were content with the quality of downtown. But just 64% of people said they were happy with the quality of services.

“I’m very pleased with the results of this survey,” said City Manager Rick Clark. “It shows the quality and dedication of our employees is valued by our citizens and their work is paying off in our community. Despite the economic downturn and major cuts to the City’s budget over the last few years, these results continue to remain high.”

The results back-up accolades from various sources including Forbes magazine that ranked the city as a top place for businesses and careers.

The survey has been conducted since 2004.