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HARDACRE THEATRE: Fighting To Reopen

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Fundraising efforts are underway to modernize a historic Iowa theater.

The Hardacre Theatre Preservation Association is raising money to buy, revamp and reopen the Tipton Theater.  The theater is 99-years-old and has served as an opera house, movie theater and plays host to the state’s longest running film festival.

The theater closed in August because it does not have the digital capabilities needed to play the latest movie formats.

Organizers said saving the theater is important because it is such a large part of the town’s history.

“The building has been around for about 100 years.  It’s a part of downtown Tipton,” said Greg Brown of the Hardacre Theatre Preservation Association.

“If we lose that, we lose a part of ourselves,” Brown said.

Volunteers said they hope to have enough money to at least buy the theater by next April.  They said they then hope to raise money to renovate the building but they still have a long way to go.

The group has raised $5,000 toward the $1.5-million goal.

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