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INFLUENZA NUMBERS: Iowa Reports Low Flu Levels

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New numbers from the Centers for Disease Control showed Iowans have mostly stayed away from the flu this year.

The map published by the CDC shows Iowa reporting minimal influenza activity levels.  The orange color shows states with moderate influenza levels while the red states show high levels of the flu.

Doctors said it is never too late to get your flu shot.



  • Lori Harvey

    The flu shot has 25 mcg of mercury in it. According to EPA guidelines, you would have to weigh 550 lbs. to get that much mercury at once.

    Dr. Hugh Fudenberg did a 10 year study & it showed that if you got the flu shot 5 years in a row, your chances of getting Alzheimer’s increased 10 fold.

    Can we get some fair & balanced reporting please?

  • Lori Harvey

    The insert that comes with the flu shot says that no safety studies on pregnant women have ever been done. And that the flu shot should only be given to pregnant women when clearly indicated.

    Miscarriage went up by 700% went the H1N1 flu shot was given to pregnant women several years ago.

    The insert also says not to give this shot to kids under the age of 4 years but yet its given as early as 6 months.

    The insert goes on to say that it has never been tested for carcinogenic properties or to see if it affects the fertility of women.

    Please do your homework before getting this shot.

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