TEEN BEATEN: Attackers Brag About It Online

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A 16-year old Des Moines boy has been in the hospital since he was attacked by three teens on Sunday. But police shouldn’t have a hard time charging the alleged attackers because they bragged about it online.

"The people that were there said that he sucker punched him from the side of the head and knocked him down and proceeded to beat him until he was unconscious," the victim's mother, Stacie Weldon, said.

"After he beat him unconscious him and his two other friends started beating on him. Then after he came to, they repeatedly beat on him until he was unconscious again," Weldon added.

The victim, 16-year old Nathan Rogers of Des Moines suffered several broken bones in his face after he was lured to a house and gang beaten by three cowardly teens. But the teens have more brawn than brains - a video of the attack was sent to other teens online, and the three bragged about the attack on Facebook, with one boasting, “I broke some kid.”

"[The attackers] didn't feel sorry about it. You didn't feel sorry one bit. You don't feel sorry about doing something like that and then Facebook for the whole world to see," Weldon aimed at the suspects. "I hope these kids go to jail and I hope they go to jail for a long time."

No arrests have been made, but the victim’s mother plans to talk with detectives on Thursday about the case. We are not releasing the suspect's names because they have not yet been charged and because they are juveniles.


  • Erin

    While I agree that those who did this need help, because this is supposedly journalism and not an opinion piece, one would hope that words like “cowardly” and phrases like “more brawn than brains” be kept out of the article. Not that it’s untrue.

    • Terry Jones

      Why? If it’s true, PRINT IT. and 3 against 1 IS cowardly and showing it on Facebook proves the no brains statement.

      • Erin

        The concept of journalistic integrity is clearly lost here. Report the facts. Opinions can be formed by most people without having to be led to them. Maybe I’m putting too much faith in the general public, but I hope not.

      • Tyler J

        none of you have any knowledge to say anything except the people involved get a life and stop creating even more drama on a tragic incident

    • Corey Lovins (@C_Love1986)

      I like the fact that the writer of this article used those words. It’s nothing the rest of us aren’t thinking anyways. In a case like this, I think it’s safe to say venturing outside of traditional journalism is necessary.

    • gary

      Des Moines used to be place to have a decent life.Used to have one of the best school systems in the country.Now,,not so much…Shame..

    • Rich

      A teen got viciously attacked and left unconcious and you’re more concerned about journalistic technicalities? You’re an absolute shame.

  • Kim

    They need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! A slap on the hand won’t change any of them!

  • Troy Hendrickson

    Now then, since the county attorney prosecuted a black guy for murder even though he only threw a single punch in self defense and it was actually others that killed the victim, can we expect him to charge these teens with attempted murder?

    Probably not.

    • Tonja

      This just happened Sunday. Give the detectives a little time to put their case together. If they would have rushed it and arrested ASAP, people would be bitching about that making sure they had the right kids. These detectives get several cases a day. If they don’t put the case together correctly the whole case could come apart when it gets to the attorney prosecuting. Hope this boy makes a quick recovery.

  • Josh Bethune

    Juveniles or not they did the crime by god they should have their names published like anyone else do the time!!! They was old enough to know what they was doing!!!

  • Patricia

    I am beginning to think social media is a bad thing instead of the good thing it was intended to be. I just have to say before anyone jumps all over these souless kids parents Don’t because we have all been there were we have thought we raised our children better but they choose to do these stupid things! No I am not their parents no I am not defending these monsters im just saying having been a mother who raised 4 children in a loving Christian home they still have minds of their owns and make choices that reflect badly on their parents. Dont judge the parents judge the monsters that did this and unless they are punished like adults that they think they are will do something like it or worse again

    • ant

      This is true, don’t judge the parents. Lots of kids get raised right in a Christian home with proper discipline and parents who are vigilant to protect them and teach right from wrong. Kids have outside influences and will do what they choose. Don’t judge!

      • lizz

        So are you saying that only christian raised kids are raised properly?well i can tell you my family is non-denominational we were allowed to choose our own beliefs and I have never had a run-in with the law. My sister on the other hand is complete opposite. It isnt the belief system and it isnt the parents (unless they actally shucked their responsibility), those kids made those choices and should be tried accordingly. If they are never given a slap in the face from reality they will never learn and they will just continue to make those types of choices. They need to do their time and then maybe seek a good counselor.

  • nicholeo5145

    There should be zero tolerance for this type of crime. I am tired of so many youths not considering consequences of their behavior, or believing that the consequence isn’t severe enough to discourage these types of actions against another person.
    A slap on the wrist will accomplish nothing. I believe that the consequences should be applied as if they are adults. I knew as a small child that it was wrong to attack another person unprovoked. To make excuses for these kids is only doing them a disservice. I also think that the boys who committed the attack should be legally obligated to cover all medical expenses incurred because of their violence.

  • Mr. Hines

    The little need to be sent to prison for attempted murder. Send them to a prison where they will get the crap pounded out of them daily. What worthless gutless piece of crap.

    • samm

      you need to nip this in the bud, before this stuff gets out of control, if they get away with a slap, more kids are going to be doing this so called act of terrorism.

  • My Nephew

    We’re not here to pick apart an article wrote on behalf of a beaten up teen for absolutely no reason. Who cares if he wrote brawns and no brains, it’s true, they aren’t very smart and it’s a good thing they weren’t that smart so justice can be served. This boy happens to be my nephew and it’s absolutely disgusting that a bunch of thugs like these boys did this and we hope justice is served. I totally agree with nicholeo above.

    • Leah Wright

      Many prayers for your nephew and none for those idiots that did that to him. I hope since they are old enough that they are tried for attempted murder in adult court. This is a classic example of things going beyond bullying and one that has to make an impact and an example for others. Not sure why they haven’t arrested the 3 idiots yet. If I was their mom I would be dragging their butts down to the police station myself.

  • Brittney Jans

    What is this world coming to??? These are the kind of things that are going on!! What ever happened to if you can’t say nothing nice don’t say nothing at all or treat others how you want to be treated. As far as the reporter putting cowardly …. how else would you describe them in that situation!!?? As a friend of Nates sister and a mother to 3 boys who will eventually have to deal with bullies one day, I hope something is done to these kids to show them that what they did was NOT ok.

  • maggie

    Did you miss the part about the kid being in the hospital since Sunday and having multiple broken bones? He may not look injured enough to you but this was obviously more than a little fight with a kid that needs to grow a pair.

    • terri anderson

      that josh kid is stupid! who in their right mind would say that he looked like he was just crying? josh maybe read a little more hes messed up bad his mom my good friend and for you to think someone deserves to get beaten then he would come conscious and they were kicking him in thr face where his jaw might be broke take a look at the pictures of him laying in hospital your very sick in the head wow and one day when u have a child get this done its sick and wrong but maybe you need it dine to you since u think its all a fucking joke! everyone read wat this person said aparently he needs guys to gang up on him! something must been wrong in his childhood to think it ok!

  • Sarah R

    I can’t believe second would do this to my nephew. Stacey I pray that you get the justice Nathan deserves. What a bunch of cowards, You deserve every punishment you get!!!

  • Sarah R

    Josh you obviously don’t understand that someone beat my nephew into the hospital!! You should grow up and maybe gain a little knowledge while you’re at it!!!

  • Cindy

    attempted murder charges for sirI think they need to go to jail and get the hell beat out of them.the feeling when it feels like.

  • linda mattix

    Not only should the ones who did this already be in jail right now but so should the so called “adult” who let it all happen and did nothing to try and stop it!

  • Shirley Schulz MarineMomma

    Make an example of these cowards, show others this will not be tolerated!! And this mom sounds like she’s going to make sure this doesn’t get swept under the rug!! All the cowards and female that were there should be punished to the full extent of the law, attempted murder sounds like what was on there mind from how they did this.

  • melissa

    Seriously……. :-( Parents need to get their heads out of there behind and stop giving into the children…..discipline and stop giving…….and the schools and government teaching about child abuse the world was A LOT BETTER back when this crap didn’t happen. Kids with drugs, weapons, Ect is CRAP…..And I blame the parents wake up get involved and take responsibility instead of not putting in time. Wake up what if this was your family or kids……

  • bikerbabe215

    Josh. This kid needs to grow a pair?! He has multiple facial fractures and sound like he can barely eat! You need to grow a pair! Were you the “adult” standing by watching as it happened? Or maybe you are a parent of one of these twisted individuals. I still can’t believe none of them are in custody. What’s the message the police are sending? Do they not care enough? Is one of these brats a super star for their sports team? Either way, What an outrage!

  • James K

    I want to know the other half of the story, maybe the kid had it coming yo him. But overall I think that its wrong, but they’re all just kids. Boys will be boys. Let it be people.

    • Carlene Lutz

      Are you kidding me??? How could there possibly be another side to this story??? I don’t care what this kid did or said, nobody deserves to get beaten into the hospital. You are just as sick as these kids are to even remotely think he deserved this. What is this world coming to for people to think this was OK?? Good thing you didn’t post your last name too or maybe everyone could hunt you down and do the same thing. The other side to that story would be that you are an idiot!!

      • James K

        There’s two sides to every story. I however think the media tends to only publish one side to every story, and i believe there’s another side to this. I think the kids were probably provoked in some way, shape, or form. Kids don’t just get beat up for no reason.

      • Deborah Jo Gilbert (@EmmaBelle1874)

        James what planet do you live on? This happens all the time, just not around here. And these types of crimes are becoming too frequent and should not be tolerated. There most likely IS more to this story, and I happen to feel the police are investigating and additional charges will be brought when they have everything gathered. Tell me what kind of behavior would condone 3 teens..not children..to beat one single teen to unconsciousness? Tell me..tell me what this young man could have possibly done to provoke such an attack..I’m listening

    • ant

      Thank you James. There are 2 sides to this story (probably 4). I do not believe that what was done was ok or should have happened, but the media is only reporting ONE very biased side to this story. These boys are teens, prone to making bad decisions. Nathan did not deserve a beating of this magnitude, but he wasn’t an ‘outsider dragged in from off the street’, he was there of his own choosing and is known to hang out with that ‘adult’. So anyway, you all, don’t just listen to the media. Their main objective is to sensationalize the news to get the most viewers, and this time they did it well.

    • amie

      Really? Are u crazy!?!! Might have had it coming?!?! Yeah right. NOBODY EVER HAS THAT COMING!!!! That’s my nephew and a really good kid…let it be….no i don’t think so. that is the most unreasonable response to this ordeal..you wouldn’t “let it be” if he was your son or nephew or even your friend. Grow up half wit!

    • kay

      What a stupid remark. What could that boy have done so bad to deserve several broken bones and a trip to the Er. Grow up

    • Deb Judge

      Boys will be boys????? SERIOUSLY????? That is so LAME and WRONG. So its ok for gang beatings and gang rapes because after all, boys will be boys. You have a seriously warped sense of right and wrong.

    • Tracy Gryp

      “This” side of the story is from kids who were there or were told about it by the teens who beat this kid. The kid who got beaten isn’t the one giving the story so if there are more sides to hear then his side is one of them.

      Although….the teens lured this kid to their house and ganged up on him. . .I’d have to say nothing would justify that. If this kid did something to provoke someone it should be handled one to one, not three to one while the kid is knocked unconscious. That isn’t even close to what would be considered street justice when I was a teen.

      The teens all but admitted they couldn’t take him individually and that they were too scared to try otherwise they wouldn’t have tricked him into going some place where they could all jump him at once. They each might as well be screaming, “I’m a big wussy who is too frightened to face a fight alone!”


  • Michael Auch

    Truly cowardly act, lure him there and then do this??? I say premeditated for sure, No one can argue how horrific this story is,
    I hope this young man recovers and does not have any physical lasting effects from this I also feel for the mother, god speed to you both.

  • John Dean Heidenreich

    Sounds like the knock out game. The problem is nowadays that people don’t have empathy and kids aren’t taught this by their parents. Instead they let them play video games all day where they shoot and beat people up in the game, then they want to go do it for real. Prosecute to the full extent of the law!!!!!!!!!

  • Pesky Vrmt

    WTG MOM and DAD of the teens that beat this kid. LOVE how you monitor your kids online, you SO rock!

    One day when you are walking down the street and some teenager punches YOU in the face, maybe you will have the opportunity to thank THEIR parents.. who pretty much raised their kid just.like.you.did.


  • Deborah Jo Gilbert (@EmmaBelle1874)

    They get Journalist from the same place as everyone else….the human race. I don’t see how anyone could see this young man and not burn with anger. I thought the reporter showed self-restraint because trust me, they couldn’t use anything I would write. Josh? I’m not sure where you live, but I have never known any news source from our area to make up stories and print them. Next time try reading the article you are commenting on. You took the effort to post..try taking the effort to read. My heart goes out to this young man and his family. This is not the Iowa I grew up in.

  • gene shott

    James k & Josh I hope some one beats the crap out of you see how you like it if you idiot’s were here I would tell you how I really feel I’m being nice now two jerks without a brain.

  • Jonathan

    I long for days in the old west, people who do this kind of thing would have had the same thing done back to them so they could feel what it feels like to be on the receiving end….sounds like Josh, who obviously “hasn’t grown a pair” needs a beating to…..I am so sick of hearing about gang attacks and unfair odds….3 vs 1? So pathetic, you have to out number someone or have a weapon just to feel good about yourself….scared little boys!!! Try one vs one against somebody who knows how to fight…guarantee it would be your last attack, cowards!!

  • Carlene Lutz

    OMG. Are you serious?? He doesn’t “look” hurt enough for you? I guess the hospital and all the doctors are just lying about all his facial fractures?? You “look” like an idiot to me so it must be true.

  • Joy Bolibaugh

    What does the Journalism have to do with this BEATING?? Their names arent released because they are minors and the police might not have all the evidence they need to make the charges-that Im sure will be filed-stick!!! Give them time-if they are charged as adults their names will be made public. Sooo sorry this happened to your son-my sympathies are with you!!! And for who ever said he might have brought it on himself?? NO ONE deserves to be beaten like this even if he did provoke it!!!Sounds like the “Knock out Game ” has reached Iowa—let your kids know about this and protect them as much as possible or we may be seeing more of these beatings happening!!!

    • Carlene Lutz

      The reason you don’t see the media post “that side of the story” is because IT DOESN’T MATTER!!! Like I said, there is NOTHING this kid could have done or said that deserved getting kicked in the face by three kids. He could have died and nobody did a dang thing about it. That is exactly how my husband’s uncle died and it didn’t take three people, one person kicked him in the head and he was dead. MURDER, that is what they were trying to do to this kid and that is what they should be charged with – attempted murder.

      • James K

        It looks like the kids was just in a fight. He’ll be fine. I’m sure he has a pair. There’s another side to this story and before I make any “PUT THEM IN JAIL!” or “CHARGE THEM FOR ATTEMPTED MURDER!” statements, I’d like to hear the other side to the story. Kids have been beating up kids for hundreds of years, it happens.

  • NHTB

    Carlene Lutz – You are an idiot. There are 2 sides to every story, that is why the courts have a prosecution and a defense. It DOES matter. You’ve heard 1 side and you have all convicted and hung the others involved. Was it wrong? Sure SOUNDS that way but I highly doubt that anyone posting here knows because from what I can tell, no-one posting here was there. Why don’t we let the full story come out and then pass judgement, it’s what we call innocent until proven guilty, you may have heard of it, it used to be an American tradition. If punishment is warranted, I’m certain it will be handed out. Oh, and lay off the Parents, I highly doubt you know the parents. Might be they are really good people and are also upset by this.

    • Saundra Seitz


    • Carlene Lutz

      Sorry, NHTB (I notice you cannot even use your real name – typical for a troll post like yours) but you must be the idiot. You are wrong. It doesn’t matter what the other side of this story is because they beat this kid almost to death. So no matter what the kid did or said is no defense for someone beating him almost to death. Not only that, but go read the story about how these same kids bullied some other kid just because he was gay. So I don’t have to wait for some jury to decide, pretty obvious to me that there was no “other side of this story” that could give these people (kids and the parent that let it happen in her own home) any excuse.

    • Tracy Gryp

      The only side that’s been heard is the one told by the perpetrators on their Facebook pages. The young man in the hospital was unconscious for a good portion of the event so he hasn’t even given “his side.” All of the information that has been given has been given by the perpetrators.

      So….I assume you’re still as eager to hear Nate’s side now. Unfortunately, you may be disappointed as it appears he has stated he does not have much recollection of the event.

      • Tracy Gryp

        What difference would it make if he was passed out or high in a discussion regarding who’s version of the story has been heard? Nice try though.

        Frankly, I couldn’t care less if they were drinking or smoking dope. It’s a rare individual who hasn’t had some involvement with drugs and/or alcohol. I don’t care if the kid is unconscious, passed out drunk or playing opossum, it’s dirty pool to continue the beating….and that’s not even taking into account that it was three against one.

        Three against one. That speaks volumes to the character of the three individuals. Just sayin’.

        Either way, it remains the version of the story that was told on Facebook is the version of the story that everyone already has. And if hearing every side is the ever important factor then perhaps Nate can assist with that…or not. You’ll have to ask him.

  • Pat

    I’m very upset at that fact that these boys where very angry that they decided that they would beat the crap out of anyone and that people believe that they where provoked to do this action for some reason. This happend in someone home and nobody did anything to stop it. Society has become so numb to people losing control. There is a violent game called “knock out” ,

  • h larson

    to those of you who are dense enough to think that this child ever deserved this all belong somewhere that licensed professionals can watch u constantly because it’s people like you all who end up easing children who think these acts are acceptable!!! while there is two sides to every story that doesn’t EVER MAKE IT OK FOR THIS TO HAPPEN!! to Nathan and his family you are all in my thoughts and prayers!! we will get justice!!! I have a similar story with no justice for me in my past and I want to see that this never has to happen again!!!! good luck!!!

  • Makayla

    Okay to the media.
    Really you can sit there and bring up anyone else’s name under the age of 18, but for two boys bulling mulitibule people and almost killing one young adult. They may not be “adults” but if they can hurt another person like an adult they can be charged as adults. Point said.

  • liblace

    Sure, there is another side. However, one detail makes me not care about that at all: They beat him to UNCONSCIOUSNESS, beat him long enough to regain it, THEN beat him to UNCONSCIOUSNESS again. This is no accident in judgement or shock at how far it went. It’s repeating the same crime back to back with zero remorse.

  • Brenda Roush


  • Ray Sissom

    If the punks were stripped and bullwhipped in public, then sent to a 1930’s style chain gang, the “knockout game”, along with other “juvie crime”, would take a nosedive.

  • Denise

    I certainly hope that the police handle this appropriately and charge the 3 youth for violence. This kind of thing needs to stop! I feel so sorry for the victim. Where are the parents in this whole scenario? No kid ever deserves to be kicked or beaten. How would they like it if someone did that to them?

  • Paige

    People are acting as if this is the first time something like this has happened. Truth is I’ve only been out of high school two years… And I’ve seen this so many times. Every time there is a fight it is posted and talked about. As far as the teens who beat him it was Infact cowardly! But at the same time this is a biased artical it only shows one side of this. While the way it was handled was wrong , and the kids who instagated should be properly punished we don’t know if this other kid did anything to provoke one of the others. Not saying that under any circumstance is this acceptable, but I don’t believe that this boy whom was beaten was a completely innocent figure in all of this. Unless you are around that age group regularly and when no authority is present can you understand that they are for the most

  • Mary

    I can’t believe this happening in this day and age. These boys all should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They should be made to pay all expense, pain and suffering, and then have all rights taken away until the age of 21. Then give community service wearing orange jumps around the city and there school cleaning. Then the parents should get involved and take all privileges away including phones and Facebook. I am so sorry for the pain and suffering done to this young man may god give you and your family strength to get through this. Amen!

  • C.savino

    I hope to god that these teenage punks are charged with attempted murder. This makes me sick to hear what those cowards did to Nate.
    Nate get better. I’m praying for you. And hoping that justice will be served.

  • Amber Bandicoot

    The REAL “cowards” are the media. Yet another case of “N-words” gang-beating whites for fun. No “hate crime” even suggested. No charge of racism, yet this is common, especially relative to the near-non-existant opposite.
    Gutless reporting, and another “Teens attack at random” (99.9% of the time it is BLACKS attacking WHITES, and the only thing “random” is it’s a random WHITE victim. 86 comments and it’s all bilgewater about “facebook”, “parents”, etc. The problem is “N-words”: those blacks who feel entitled(not w/o lots of help & encouragement) to violently express their hatred for whites, for their own amusement. Were this reversed (even on a scale 1% of the opposite), Jesse and Al would be fighting over who got to be first to parachute out the plane’s door to cash in. N-words ruin everything: neighborhoods, malls, public events, you name it.

  • Sarrah Goldblume

    With all the hype about diversity being touted we should be ARMPIT deep in UTOPIA by now, but empty promises from elitists about multiculturalism have left our schools, cities, and society in ruins.

    The media has created an illusion that African Americans are the ones who will return your lost dog, hand you your wallet when you drop it, and are so cool compared to nerdy White people. It is on about every commercial now in case you have not noticed.

    As important as not playing with fire or looking both ways to cross the street; parents should be teaching their children to ALWAYS stay away from African Americans.

    Keeping your kids alive is far more important than being told you’re a racist, bigot or not Christian for avoiding multicultural enrichment.

    Innocent, unsuspecting, and hopelessly naive Whites are mugged, raped and murdered each day. The African Americans are becoming much more violent each year. Law Enforcement seems to insure the criminals’ rights are upheld far more than arresting obvious criminals. Think about your loved ones; Death is a high price to pay for an incorrect assessment of Black Crime.

    In conclusion; the tsunami of violent crime, squalor, and bankruptcy in our cities, schools, and society gives tremendous credibility to those who first opposed integration.

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