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WATCH PARTY: Hawkeye Fans Cheer On Team

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A new year couldn’t keep away old fans. On Wednesday morning dozens of sleepy Hawkeye fans grabbed a table and affixed their eyes on a TV at the Longest Yard Bar in West Des Moines.

For them, the New Year’s party wasn’t over just yet; New Year Day’s Outback Bowl game kept the party going.

“It`s a big game day, wouldn`t miss a Hawkeye bowl game for the world especially against LSU,” says fan, Brendan Quinn.

Manager, Scott Roberts, says the game is a perfect way to ring in 2014; a full bar this early in the year boosts business.

“I’m very impressed with the turn out, its very good for us its good for business and it goods for local businesses when people still come out on a very busy snow day and watch the Hawks play,” says Roberts.

Despite the weather, this is a game Hawk fans won’t miss. Iowa fan, Tara Mattiussi, says, “Nope nothing can stop it, gotta keep going for that Hawkeye win.”

Despite optimism from Iowa fans, the Hawkeyes lost 14-21 to Louisiana State University.