THREE ARRESTED: Beaten Teen Thanks Supporters

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Three teens have been arrested in the brutal New Year’s Eve attack of a 16-year-old boy.

Nathan Rogers has several broken bones in his face after he says he was lured to a house and beaten.

"I'm doing better, better than I was," Rogers told Channel 13. "A little sore in some spots but the swelling went down a bit. I'm doing better."

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Police say he was attacked by three teens. They broke several bones in his face and knocked him out twice. The suspects then bragged about it on Facebook and sent video to friends using Snapchat.

Now two 15-year-olds and a 16-year-old are charged with felony willful injury in the attack.

The suspects have a history of bullying

Rogers says he is glad the culprits face charges, but added he is thrilled by all of the support he has received since. Since our story first aired a few days ago, Nate has gotten more than 19,000 likes on a Facebook page dedicated to his case.

"I didn't think I'd get that many, like that much support. It's pretty crazy looking at it," Nate said. "Comments like ‘people like them need to get in trouble,' 'they should be in trouble, they shouldn't be running around.' 'I didn't deserve it.’ I don't know what to say to them - thank you so much."

Police are not releasing the names of the teens who were arrested. The 16-year-old will be tried as an adult, and a hearing will be held to determine whether the 15-year-olds will be tried as adults.

They’re also not saying whether they expect to make more arrests.


  • Jai Stephens

    willful injury? That’s it? That’s it?? Are you joking. They LURED him. THEY BEAT him unconscious twice. They did not help him at all. NO ONE HELPED HIM. willful injury …. this is an absolute joke. Way to go DMPD. good job out of you.

      • LeDoyle Pingel

        Pictures were censored but they wore hoodies and had what appears to be very dark skinned hands. Like I said the pictures they posted have been heavily censored in the media. They also posted comments on facebook using the n word, as in “My n***** just beat…..” They will likely get off easy do to the political environment.

      • Rochelle

        exactly what I have been thinking. Minority and that’s why there has been such little details and action.

      • ant

        Rochelle. Are you seeing something I have missed? How have you determined that this was a black on white thing LeDoyle and Lee? I keep reading the news post and I don’t see anywhere that the attackers have been labeled as a minority? Is it because Nathan is a sweet little white boy that you drew this conclusion?

    • amber

      708.4 WILLFUL INJURY.
      Any person who does an act which is not justified and which is
      intended to cause serious injury to another commits the following:
      1. A class “C” felony, if the person causes serious injury to
      2. A class “D” felony, if the person causes bodily injury to

    • Stephen Perkins

      DMPD did their job. it sounds to me that it is time to get a new D,A. one with the stones to charge these punks as adults and send them away for YEARS only then will the system be doing it’s job

      • Stephen Perkins

        in regards to the “adult” on the scene, how about charging them as an accomplice BEFORE .. DURING ..and AFTER the fact. seems to me they are as guilty as the “kids”

  • Dennis

    If this child was gay it would be a hate crime so why is this not a hate crime it’s obvious they did not like him.

  • Jai Stephens

    the 24 yr old woman? nothing? the kids that sent out photos and took videos? everyone involved with luring him? Kidnapping charges? Profiling charges? Failure to assist injured person? Failure to report a crime?

    surely this is just the first step of the process and there will be more done about this.

  • Jennifer

    They need publicly beaten, repaired, and beaten again. If it’s ever repeated they need hung. Disgusting. This poor boy will never be the same :/

  • Jaime Linhart

    Repeat offenders who have histories of bullying.. and you charge them with willful injury?? Get your ruler ready.. these kids are merely getting a slap on the wrist. Don’t cry about it when they’re in prison for murder in a few years.

  • anon ER RN

    DMPD doesn’t prosecute or bring charges… they did their jobs finding the perps… direct your disgust at the prosecutors. Give the DMPD a break! Also, what a sad state of affairs… children beating other children unconscious… TWICE! Sickens me! Much like the case of the poor man who was beaten and is permanently brain injured… Mike Waseki (sp). No sentence will give that poor man his life back… those creeps need to suport his family for the rest of their lives. This poor Nate was lucky he didn’t suffer more severe brain damage!

    • rose Dochterman

      This is why bullying continues just a slap on the hand Nathan’s parents should sue and push for stronger charges including the adult that was present at the beating DES MOINES PD THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO MAKE A STAND AGAINST BULLYING praying for your family Nathan

  • Josh Bethune

    Lousy justice system will probably give those trashy punks a slap on the wrist and some peasly little fine that mommy and daddy will pay off for them then they will go get some good job somewhere while this poor victim is helpless. I say ship those punks off the Anamosa farm. Bet those lifers and gang bangers would love to have new fresh meat!!!

  • Angie

    The only way to get change is get out there and get the laws changed. You cannot blame DMPD as they do not make the laws. The entire thing is sad and believe it or not, there are kids out there this happens to everyday and they are to scared to come forth. They need to start holding parents responsible to an extent.

  • tim

    When I was 16 i was charged with a felony and spent 3 1/2 years of my life locked up in an adult prison. I didn’t hurt anyone unlike these three disrespectful kids and I did not have a record. My case hit Washington and they sent investigators and they came up with this simple statement and then nothing was done afterwards. ( Iowa is the most corrupt state they have ever investigated, with 99 counties the law is interpreted 99 ways and Des Moines is the worst of them all.) The chances of the DA doing their job right is slim to none and these little punks will end up with a slap on the wrist. I wish the best for Nate and his family and I do hope he gets well soon. If something is to be done we have to call and keep calling till the justice we seek is met. That means fludding the DA’s office and possibly protesting an easy punishment. I think time in a mental ward would do them justice like 10 years cause prison only makes young kids worse and more messed up in the head.

    • disappointment & justice

      I agree with you 100%. when we moved back up here a couple years ago my son, 17 at the time, had an issue with this boy who was calling him all types of racial names etc & threating him continually. my son was trying to handle the situation the right way. the principle as well as other people knew what this boy was doing. well my son grew tired of his mess & fought him. my son was charged with a class c felony. even though the principle etc told the police the situation. the judge gave my son 10 years & told him that he was going to make an example out of him. the police report shows that the boy was not being honest or cooperative. my son has been locked up a year & a half now. the so called public attorneys & DA’s dont do anything even for the innocent. and yes i plan to continue to fight for my sons freedom. i am not saying that he should not be accountable for his actions but not 10years or even the 1 1/2 hes already done. i can see 6 months to a year probation with community service

  • poppy

    what about the “adult” that was there ?? This is wrong … our polk county attorney should be in jail ! he is doing a horrible job … the kids that beat that guy into a life without seeing or speaking, or even moving … to carjack him … attempted robbery … the daughenbaugh fiasco, this, etc etc etc …. time for him to go. Our city is chaos because there are no penalties

  • Therese Christensen

    Willful injury for a charge is just another kick in the face for this poor kid. Personally the charges should be, at the very least, premeditated assault resulting in serious bodily injury. They will never charge them with attempted murder, so let’s go for the next best thing. And charge the parents as well if they intend to defend what their kids have done. Obviously something is very wrong in their households if this is the resulting product. These ‘kids’ are old enough to know that what they did is beyond wrong and they need to be charged accordingly. I feel extra bad for Nathan as I am afraid this will lead to retaliatory actions on behalf of the perps. Make an example out of these little pricks and their parents, and start enforcing the law quicker and harsher to hopefully stop more of this in the future.

  • disappointment & justice

    It is very disturbing not only that this was premeditated, but there were other people, including an adult, condoning & cheering these kids on while this boy lay there lifeless.. they didnt know or care if he was dead or not. Then continued to beat him again when they saw movement. The law charges those who are simply just “there” during a robbery, murder, attempted murder etc…. its called accessory to the crime. I hope they get the max.
    Des Moines as well as every other state need to recognize who the real criminals are.. rapists murders pedophiles. it damn sure isnt the victims.
    Those kids & those who stood there and done NOTHING should ALL be held accountable! Also, if Nathan Rogers name, who technically should not have been named in the media at all being he is the VICTIM. Unless of course he and his parents agreed. The little cowards should have their name put out there to show their disgrace.

  • QT

    A kid gets severely beaten and it’s willful injury. Yell at an undercover cop for driving like a jackass and it’s at least two or three charges. Quit pussyfooting around and charge the lil jerks appropriately. Assault and battery, attempted murder, and conspiracy to commit each. Helll, just for good measure, charge them all with something gang related. Charge all 3 as adults, since they’re committing adult crimes. Send the message that none of this crap will be tolerated anymore. Then gather all their parents together, and put belt to butt. Finish it, once and for all.

  • Jaime Marchant

    are you kicking.. these kids need to be punished more. they should be charged with lots of stuff. also feel all the kids that posted and reposted the pictures and videos should be punished. those kids will never learn if they will keep getting away with it. all this is a smack on the hand saying ok just don’t do it again.. really please.. where are these parents what do they have to say about all these? or are they the parents that don’t care what the kids do.. this makes my blood boil.. completely uncalled for..

  • opou

    I love how everyone making these hateful comments have only heard one side of this story. There are 2 sides to every story and sometimes 3 or 4. People in this world are so quick to judge without knowing the facts.

  • Jai Stephens

    so opou why are you not sharing it? What ever happened was it your son lying there being beaten? Were you the target of this emotional and physical brutality? Is it your brother who will be afraid to trust anyone for life? Seriously? You are going to tell us that there is going to be REASONABLE EXCUSE? please. share with the class and see how very far it gets you.

    • mysttryst

      I don’t think anyone is saying there is any “excuse” for this. I do notice that many of the commenters on here are using this story as an “excuse” to put down an entire race of people.

  • Kay

    I pray these 3 boys face more then willful injury, they need attempted murder, this was premeditated and bragged about. Bullying is NOT cool, and the parents of these horrible kids need to be charged also, parents are to teach their children right from wrong, also the “adult”at the scene needs to face same charges as the kids in this. They need to be locked up for a long time of not forever, so no other kids have to go through what Nate has! Justice for Nate. I will stand by your side buddy. I love you!

  • lies

    Were any of you there? Do you know what happened? No you don’t and no you weren’t. DID you EVER STOP to think that maybe just maybe you are only getting one side to a story? MAYBE you are only hearing part of something. Everyone has tried and convicted all of these kids when you are listening to second hand information. I will guarantee you that there is more to this story. HOW on GOD’s green earth will these kids even get a fair trial at this point when someone who wasn’t there continues to spew things that quite honestly she doesn’t know to be fact? Who said it was premeditated; NO ONE THAT WAS THERE and no one has seen a post to prove that. You are all talking about justice here so you tell me what happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty in a COURT of law? Thank GOD none of you so called adults (if you are) are on a jury you have made judgments about un proven information without knowing the entire story. How many of you are guilty of the same exact thing? Do you have any idea ANY idea how many post you have read or I have read with people threatening these 3 boys? How does this make you any better you vial hypocrites spewing your own blind hate. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. IF any of you that call yourselves Christians were in fact Christians you would be praying that GOD’s will come out of this for ALL parties involved. No matter what happened at this point there is no way even Nate can say anything to the contrary of these posts because he would never be able to face the world and all of this media circus frenzy if he was anything but what this says he is. My understanding is this happened at multiple locations so are you telling me he was lured multiple times to multiple locations? BTW what time did all of this happen didn’t anyone see or hear him resisting these luring attempts?

  • Rebuttal to lies

    Lies I believe that these comments are posted by caring individuals who want to see justice for Nate. Remember him, the victim of this crime? Or are you now going to claim we don’t even have a victim even though arrests have been made. We have always stated that we want justice and believe this will come out in court. I also believe if this were your child that was beat unconscious (twice) you would do anything in your power to ensure that justice was served. I suppose now you are going to tell me he was sleeping in that chair that the perpetrators took a picture of, even though his face was bruised and swollen. How did you come by your understanding of it happened in multiple locations….how do you have the right to tell these caring individuals they are wrong and you are correct…let’s face it, you are making assumptions as well based on what you have heard unless you want to say you were there when this happened. I would love to see another witness to this crime come forward.

    • ant

      I am praying for Nate, that he gets the medical attention he needs and emotional support to follow this incident. I also pray that he has the strength to tell the truth about this whole thing so he can get help for his drug and alcohol addiction and stay away from peers that don’t know how to behave. Anybody ever wonder like I am, where was his mother? Did she know where he was? What was he doing out in the middle of the night? Ever if his story was true about allegedly being lured, was his mama looking for him? Maybe you ought to be asking more questions. Why was he out on the streets to be lured by black thugs if the posters are correct about this? You weren’t looking for him before he came home. because the police didn’t say they had to go find him… When you took him to the hospital, did they run a BAC and did they test to see what other illegal substances were in his system? After all this media attention, I hope he is able to be honest and get help. His lies could be ruining the lives of others just as well as what you are saying.
      People need to start thinking and speaking like adults or don’t post on here, I have to assume that most of these posts are coming from ignorant teens who just want to jump on the bandwagon because it is cool.

  • Shelley

    These little brats should be held accountable no matter their color… its pathetic what they have done to this human being.

  • Rocco

    People, people……when will you all learn?
    The thuggies will get off with nary a slap on the wrist and a sternly worded letter to the parent ( mammy)
    In case you need to be caught up on the facts here in America: Blacks can and never do serious time for brutal attacks against whites. Cops will not pursue cases like this either. It’s quite common knowledge how they handle cases like this.
    Sad but true.

  • Naffin

    Well if the law doesn’t do anything about it in this case, I’m sure the people somewhere most likely will. Sad to see society coming to things like this.

  • opou

    Rocco, you need to go back to your rock and crawl under it. I never heard anyone say these boys were black, did you? Once again, someone making an assumption about something they know nothing about. You should be ashamed of yourself for the filth you are spewing on this website and WHOTV13 should be ahamed to let you post on here.

  • kathy

    You dumb asses need to get your facts straight if you are going to comment!!! This is worse than facebook!!!!!

  • opou

    Naffin, what is sad is that people are convicting these boys without hearing both sides of the story. Unlike Nathan who is the ACCUSER the other 3 boys are not able to say anything to defend themselves until the time is appropriate, and clearly with people like you suggesting vigilante justice, the time is not appropriate. Unlike the thousands who are defending Nate based on his account of what took place these other boys have yet to be allowed to tell their story. If the boys did exactley as Nate is accusing then they will be punished accordingly and the families of these boys will have to accept that justice. If the story that is being told is self serving to Nate and there is actually more to what happened than he is saying then it changes the complexity of the whole case.

    People who make threats against these boys and/or their families will also be held accountable by the court of law as that is ALSO illegal and there are people who are paying attention.

    This is a terrible situation for all involved and it needs to be dealt with properly. Everyone saying “if this was your kid” would be saying the same exact thing if one of these 3 boys were your son. Again, people in this country are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, that is why we have a court of law, you all have tried and convicted these boys and that is shameful.

    • Tracy Gryp

      No, no. You’re wrong. This isn’t Nate’s “side” of the story…..The perpetrators told this side, their side, of the story on Facebook.

  • opou

    Rebuttal to lies:
    I believe all of the comments are being made by caring individuals who want to see justice also, it is just that there is only one side being told so far and eveyone is taking it for exact truth which may not be prudent. There are other versions of the events that led up to all of this that absolutely don’t match what the victim is saying and those versions will come out. Why is it that the accuser is the only one that is “allowed” to be telling the truth?

  • Hkt529

    It’s bs that the victim here is put into the social media scene but nobody is able to ut a pic to the evil individuals responsible for this human act of stupidity. Your parents should b ashamed of the 3 of u, all of whom need some sort of counseling in which at there age I’m unsure if they will ever b of good character in our society. They r old enough to know better. They definitely need to be held accountable and the charges they were rewarded do not show justice:(

  • Hkt529

    I agree with 2 sides to every story but there is no excuse for this kid to have been beaten by not 1 or 2 but 3 others. End of story! Take your “other side” of the story and ask yourself what other ways your child could’ve handled the situation I’m sure the 3 of the cowards that beat this kid don’t have a scratch or mark to show an they definately don’t have any excuse for their actions . If u want to help make up excuses for them there is none :) shame on u!

    • ant

      Again, you are missing the point that is being made here. By the ACCUSERS account, there were three boys. Arrests confirm that. What it doesn’t confirm that it was necessarily 3 on 1. So pray for forgiveness for the hate in your heart – you are no better than those 3 boys with your words.

  • William B

    Three on one?? How about you close those three in a room with me and 8 of my buddies, for total of nine. That would be the correct ratio. Lets then see who would come walking out the door. I

    I would beat them nine ways from Sunday, and I could promise you, none of them would ever do anything like this again. In addition I would save the court and parole system thousands of dollars.

  • Lee

    This case is so bad it made the news forum at international site www DOT stormfront DOT org. It is also being covered under Iowa thread under Local and Regional forum. The world is watching.

  • Lee

    Calls for street justice should surprise no one. DOJ is over all courts and all law enforcement. The openly racist policies there have destroyed all confidence in the legal system. The head of DOJ testified before congress that hate crime laws only cover “those who have a history of being attacked”. It is on Youtube. No surprise that “polar bear hunting” and “knock out game” have not resulted in hate crime charges. Except for the one case where it was white on black, instead of the usual other way around. I’m not passing judgement on street justice, just pointing out why things have reached that point.

  • h larson

    Nathan …I am so thankful to know that you’re doing better and handling handling all of this so well!! you’ve been on my mind since I heard the story. now as for these deviants and the one who is a so called “adult”, to the boys who did this to you: I pray u spend every minute that is possible in prison! you all three need some serious help! if my son’s behaved the way u all did I’d loose my mind. some day each of you will get the wonderful payback that karma has in store for u all….now to the woman involved, I sincerely hope that u do not have Amy children because ur behavior and actions, or should I say lack of actions, during this whole ordeal should very plainly show any one who has a molecule of a brain that you are a evil and sad person and no child ever should be cursed with having to deal with you and call you their mother! if you do have kids maybe Iowa dhs should take a better look at you!!!….now to everyone I’m sorry if anyone feels that anything I’ve said is out of line or wrong but this is enraging and frankly sickening. it makes it harder to sleep at night knowing that our youth is this bad and our adults are allowing this behavior! something needs to be done to insure it never happens again!!!

  • Ashley

    There is so much more to the story then anyone knows. There was alcohol involved, they were all drinking and the “victim” started the fight by breaking a bottle of liquor over someone else’s head. The story goes on and on. No he didn’t deserve to be beaten by 3 kids but its not exactly how it played out. It was a bunch of drunk teenagers all fighting amongst eachother and one just happen to get hurt worse then the others. All facts are never given over the news just because they want the publicity. What happened to a teenager making a very big mistake and suffering the consequences, which will happen. It’s not the parents fault- it’s the kids who make their own decisions these days. What happened to ” thou shall not judge” especially without all sides of the story.

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