COLD LIVESTOCK: Extra Care Needed For Animals

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The cold temperatures we’ve experienced the last few days have farmers spending extra time caring for their livestock.

Bill Ellison and Lois Pavelka are partners in Pavelka’s Point Farm near Mount Vernon. They raise pigs, sheep, and cows.

KWWL spoke with them Tuesday about the harsh conditions for livestock and they say the water situation for their animals is critical.

Cows burn a lot more calories to keep warm, so they need more water when it is colder out. A creek that normally provides fresh water is frozen. Ellison drilled a hole in it, so the cattle can get the fresh water.

He says providing warmth is also important.

“Make sure they’re warm, it’s just like people. You put an extra blanket on your bed when it’s cold. They need to be kept just like you like to be. Get rained on and wet and cold and then it freezes, just imagine yourself being in the same boat. They just need to be cared for,” says Ellison.

Freezing pipes are another concern for Pavelka’s Point Farm. Ellison says some of those pipes won’t thaw until April.

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