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FAIR COMPLAINTS: Board To Revisit Ticket Proposal

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After hundreds of complaints from angry fair-goers, the Iowa State Fair board may reconsider it's decision to require people to use tickets rather than cash when patronizing vendors.

Over 1,150 Channel 13 Facebook fans weighed in with the vast majority against the proposal.

Among the many people who made the complaints heard was Governor Terry Branstad, who is a member of the board but does not attend meetings.

A spokesman for Branstad said, "It would be wise to listen to the concerns of fair-goers and Iowans before implementing such a large change in policy."

A spokeswoman for the state fair refused to comment on camera, but released a statement that read, "The board will take Governor Branstad's suggestions into consideration." Adding, "The fair board has been moved by the passion of our fair-goers and their desire to preserve the traditions they embrace."

According to the Denver Post, last year the Colorado State Fair also went to a cashless system, and lost more than $120-thousand in gate admissions. Still, the Colorado State Fair is planning to go with the cashless system again this year hoping it catches on.


  • Eric

    Hey thats a great flipping Idea with this cashless purchase idea, lets follow the Colorado state fair that lost $120K and is will to think that people are going to change their minds Really!!! Good sudjestion Gary Slater. Ithink you need to be removed before you runi this great state fair of ours!!! why do you think there has been a mass exit of Amdin and Maintenace workers from the fair that have 15+ years there!!! they don’t want to work for a clown like him!!!

  • Coffee Pot

    The cost and hassle of the fair is already at the tipping point for going or not going. And they come up with this stuff?
    They think that this will keep the vendors from not reporting all they take in so they get a percentage. It is nothing to do with handy. Cash is still everybody’s favorite but not the state fair? Give me a break.

  • nicky ross

    Why fix something that isnt broken. I was at a resturaunt today and an elder group of men were discussing this and how they just wont go. I agree like I want to stand in a ticket line with 4 kids and then the food line. Not happening. I find it is VERY clear how people feel about this if they are already reconsidering and it hasnt even been 24 hrs since the announcement lol!

  • Clint Hutchison

    This proposal is bad for the patrons and bad for the vendors. Why in the world would they consider such a move. If the porkchop on a stick people are forced to accept 50 cent tickets for 4000 chops a day plus 1500 dinners plus sides and beverages exactly how many tickets will they be forced to deal with? And the Bud Tent? C’mon people. Correct me if I am wrong but if total attendance is around 1 million would we not expect somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 million tickets that need to be dispemsed, redeemed, and accounted for? Thats $12.50 for each person. Maybe thats too low…. I certainly doubt its too high.

  • Pam Brecht

    Love the state fair but your going to lose some fair if you go tickets for food . You don’t really know what you are going to try some times till you see it walking by so it would be hard to decide how many tickets you would need big hassle won’t be going this year. Lots of luck with that.

  • piggymom

    Instead of tickets, which the people don’t like or the cash which the vendors hide, use a debit card type system. Have stations around the fair where you can add $ to your card and then you have to use the card everywhere. At the end of the day, an account of each place can be printed and their money put on their card. Then the fair board are the ones that have to worry about theft and reporting. Just an idea. I probably won’t go either way.

  • James

    If this change sticks my family and I will no longer be attending the fair 2 to 3 days as we have done for years. Cost is out of control and hassle is what it is. A change such as this is to much and has nothing to do with enhancing the experience for fair goers. Let’s make sure this doesn’t stick.

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