STATE LEGISLATURE: Branstad Rules Out Marijuana Law Change

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Governor Branstad offered a preview of what he will and will not focus on during the next legislative session.

The governor says he has “modest” goals this year.

He plans to address bullying, to get more rural Iowans access to the internet and to support veterans.

Branstad will release more details in his Condition of the State address next week.

One issue he won’t be focused on is legalizing marijuana either for medical or recreational uses.

Branstad says he’s heard nothing but bad reports from Colorado lawmakers since the state became the first to allow retail marijuana sales.

Lawmakers from both parties agreed with the governor. They say there is no chance anything will happen with the issue this session.


  • Drew

    Nothing but bad reports? It’s been a couple of weeks. We’ll see once the tax is all added up. Money has persuasive powers. CO plans to put over 20 million in marijuana tax toward new schools. We’ll let people kill themselves with alcohol but won’t even here the idea of legal marijuana building new schools.

    • Kamandak

      Apparently $5 million in 5 days is a ‘bad report’ and if there are only ‘bad reports’ then why does Colorado have a Rep in the Congressional House trying to push a bill that will deregulate marijuana on a Federal Level (deregulate not decriminalize) so as to protect state rights on the marijuana issue?

  • Burns

    He just lost my vote, and everyone else is this state that is for legalization. Let the people decide branstad. You will be out numbered.

  • revraygreen (@revraygreen)

    Colorado DUI New Years Eve 2013 – 501

    Colorado DUI New Years Eve 2014 – 297

    revraygreen @revraygreen now
    @SteveLukan the only impact of legal marijuana in Colorado is more Iowans like me moving here to rid ourselves of you and your kind

    @SteveLukan ages 35-70+all waiting for this day legal with no handcuff side-effect game over now go fight real drugs

    Retail ADULT marijuana sales in Colorado is a succe$$…I’ll never get arrested for marijuana possession again…

    • Jon smith

      65% say yes to medical in Iowa and 55% say yes to full legalization. we are gonna need alot of bus tickets.

      that old fart needs to stop lieing and start listening to the people who voted for him.

      I dont think he cares one bit about veterans.

      There are 270,000 veterans in Iowa. %30 of all Vietnam veterans have PTSD, 20% of all Iraq and Afghanistan experience PTSD. so lets just say only 5% of iowa veterans have PTSD, thats 13,500 people who risked their life’s for ours who our suffering and it effects more than just them. it effects there family and friends. if your not up to date on how cannabis can truthly help then here you go, good creditable links once again and some Iowa stories! ( since our VA won’t post those numbers we will be on the safe side)

  • Burns

    By bitchstand say no, he is ok with drug cartels moving product into the state, having it more accessible to minors, not giving a Danm about people who do NEED it, putting people in jail for non violent crimes. I think a protest is need next time bitchstand has a powwow.

  • William Denison

    Terry turkey neck Braindead is a liar. He always has been and always will be. One of the most corrupt politicians of our time. Iowa is ranked in 4th place in the nation for the high amount we pay here in state taxs. Turky neck says he wants to lower taxs but does nothing to lower them. Why not give iowans a break and pick up to what would be almost 1/4 billion dollars in taxs yearly for the state by allowing the sell of cannabis. And if it was about “the young people” why does the state lock them up and ruin thier lives for weed if they were truly worried about them?

  • William Denison

    As I’ve said before I’m a disabled Vet whos life would change 100% for the better if I could use Cannabis as part of my treatment. Terry Braindead says hes going to help Vets this year here in Iowa. What Terry is not saying is its got to be help in a form only he understands. If a vet has to ask for help from anyone its going to be to late most of the time anyway and If a vet has to try and explain what can help him most simple minded folks like braindead Terry would not understand. Terry save your help , you do more harm to us.

  • Bart

    Research the facts:
    If Terry Braindead’s son would have been influenced via the mild effects of marijuana instead of the intense effects of alcohol (due to extreme loss of motor/judgment skills) his POS son would not have KILLED via OWI.
    Why the people of Iowa vote for this toad is beyond logic.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    Iowa tax payers already subsidize drug abuse by being forced to cover the costs of alcohol abuse which are currently over twice what alcohol taxes bring in to the state. Branstad also opposes increasing alcohol taxes to cover the shortfall, he also opposes implementing stricter laws as recommended by the NTSB in regards to drunk driving. I guess Eric is still his favorite…

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