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AGRIBUSINESS: GMO-Free Cheerios Will Not Change

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Last week, General Mills announced that their number one selling cereal brand, original Cheerios, will now be made with non-GMO corn starch and sugar.

Anti-GMO groups are calling the move a vindication for the concerns of GMO crops.

But Cornell University Professor of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Margaret Smith said the new Cheerios will be exactly the same as the old ones.  That’s because pieces of DNA and protein are what make GMOs distinct.  Smith said corn starch does not have DNA or protein because it is purified starch.

Iowa State Grain Quality Specialist Dr. Charles Hurburgh agreed, saying GMO labeling is a hot topic and some feel doing so will promote a problem that isn’t there.

Hurbugh said it’s easy for General Mills to claim GMO-free Cheerios because there are no GMO oats.