FREEZING FOG: Four Killed In NE Iowa Crash

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Courtesy: Fayette County Sheriff’s Office

Four people were killed and two more were injured in a crash in Fayette County near the town of Clermont, Friday morning.

Freezing fog made for dangerous driving conditions Friday morning and may have contributed to the deadly crash.

Authorities say a truck lost control and hit an oncoming car head-on.

All four people in the car were killed.

Click for a map of the latest driving conditions

Drivers are being warned to use extreme caution traveling overnight and to go only as fast as the conditions allow.


  • Ami Allison Smith

    I wish you would get your facts correct. The truck did not hit a car. A van hit the truck. You are the only station/website who is saying it wrong. I know for a fact you are wrong because this is my family it happened to.

  • Ash

    This is exactly like their last story w/the dog situation. People that just only want to get a story out n not give a hoot if it’s all factual or not. If they just use hearsay as in ppl that call in on this or that but if they don’t know the whole story, as in to the ppl it actually pertains to than maybe they should keep their noses out of it and also not print the dag on story for the whole world to see unless they have both frickin sides of a story. People are bein backlashed when they didnt even have their facts straight to begin with but since since corporate America needs a story n a story now is what they present, they just print it n doesnt care who they hurt to get the story across n also their protected which is to totally frickin asinine. We the people have to reliaze this n take heart that everything u see or hear may or not be the full hearted truths n expose these people for their corrupt evil wicked ways just to earn another dollar. Pure wickedness at its finest!

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