SCHOOL FIRE: Centerville High School Damaged

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Crews are busy cleaning up damage left by a fire at a school in Appanoose County.

Thursday during the noon hour, firefighters responded to a fire at Centerville High School. When they got there, crews say the hallways were filled with smoke.

A teacher told firefighters he used a fire extinguisher to put out a couch that was on fire in the first floor teacher’s lounge. When that didn’t work, he closed the doors to contain the fire and school officials began evacuating students.

Crews quickly got the fire under control. But the teacher’s lounge suffered significant damage, there’s also heavy smoke damage throughout the rest of the school.

Investigators determined the fire started because an outlet behind the couch shorted out.

School had to be canceled Friday, but cleaning crews hope to have the school ready for classes to pick back up on Monday.