STAYING AHEAD: Crews Monitor Icy Roads

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The weather Friday has not been ideal for staying ahead of the freezing rain.

Crews were in limbo all afternoon during the lull in traffic as air and pavement temperatures were too warm to lay down salt.

Now with more cars on the roads, crews are busy preparing for tonight.

"As the temperature starts dropping, you'll start working on the bridges. When it drops even further, you apply it to the whole road,” DOT plow driver, Tom Prine explained.

When it comes to identifying trouble spots, The DOT has endless resources.

We spent the day with Supervisor Eric Lack. From his office, he stayed in touch with law enforcement and spoke to drivers monitoring the roads from their trucks.

Check the latest road conditions

From the computer, Lack can update pavement and air temperatures from more than seventy weather stations across the state.

When there is a threat of freezing rain, its pavement temperatures that are most important in identifying trouble spots.

"The air temperature changes faster than the temperature of the road. When we start seeing the air temperatures drop off, that's when we know it's time to get out there,” Lack said.

Crews are out Friday evening laying granular salt that will stick to the roads. Once they get the salt laid, it's going to be time to break out the plows.

It's looking like a long night ahead for DOT drivers.