HEALTHIEST STATE: Program To Endorse Events

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As the 2014 legislative session begins Gov. Terry Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds are taking time to focus on Iowa’s health.

The Healthiest State Initiative will now give events a seal of approval. That means groups that have walks, runs, swims or biking events across the state can get the event endorsed and promoted by the initiative.

Authorities say this will help shine a light on the great things Iowans do.

The Healthiest State Initiative started in 2011. Since it began, Iowa has moved up in the rankings from 19th to 9th.

The first endorsed event will be held at the Iowa State Capitol on January 23rd. Lawmakers will meet for a 15 minute walk and then end at the Healthiest State Initiative Expo. Anyone is invited to attend.

If you’d like to get an event endorsed click here.